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The College of Nursing Prince Albert site may be small but it has a real presence in the city. In 2004 it was established to provide students in Northern Saskatchewan access to learning opportunities close to where they lived.

Access to nursing education close to home

The site has grown from one faculty member to seven faculty and staff. With a growing commitment to providing "learn where you live" opportunities, the College of Nursing offers 40 seats annually at the PA site, enabling students to complete all four years of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program in Prince Albert.

Brenda Person, RN, MN, a faculty member at the PA site, describes the students, faculty and staff at Prince Albert as a "cohesive team that champions and supports each other. " As a team of faculty and staff, they are focused on providing a great student experience - both inside and outside the classroom. Person is proud to acknowledge the Prince Albert First Nations University of Canada as an important partner to the College, "the cooperation and collaboration with FNUC in our nursing program has been key to cultivating a positive experience for students."

"Registered Nurses have an exceptional opportunity to contribute and make a difference to the health of communities locally and beyond." Brenda Person, RN, MN

Person has over 35 years of nursing experience across a continuum of care that informs her approach to teaching. "My experience working interprofessionally with diverse clients and health care teams has been a valuable asset to me as an educator of future registered nurses. I feel a great responsibility to develop capacity in students to become leaders and incorporate and practice a team-based approach to health care and health promotion."

Brenda Person, RN, MN, (bottom right) with nursing students in Prince Albert

I learn so much from the students," Person says enthusiastically. This makes the challenges and rewards of the teaching experience "awesome". It has provided Person with new and different ways to work in a diverse environment and the importance of accommodating different ways of learning. Person emphasizes the benefits of this small campus experience for both faculty and students. "As an educator it is easier to establish rapport and facilitate engagement with students and since the students move together through the program, they are a cohesive and connected group supportive of each other."

Upon completing the BSN program at the College of Nursing, Person hopes students realize their individual strengths and feel empowered within the nursing profession. "Registered Nurses have an exceptional opportunity to contribute and make a difference to the health of communities locally and beyond."