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Dr. Marlene Smadu, Associate Dean, College of Nursing Appointed to National Expert Commission

June 6, 2011

Saskatchewan - The College of Nursing is pleased to announce the prestigious appointment of Associate Dean, College of Nursing Southern Saskatchewan Campus (Regina) and International Student Affairs Marlene Smadu, RN, EdD, to be co-chair of a National Expert Commission on health system improvement.

On May 26, 2011, the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) launched the National Expert Commission on health system improvement, entitled The Health of Our Nation - The Future of Our Health System. The Commission's mandate is to generate policy solutions that contribute to a transformed health system - one that is better equipped to meet the changing health needs of Canada's population.

Smadu and co-chair of the Commission Maureen A. McTeer, a health law expert and author, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Common Law, University of Ottawa will lead a diverse team of Canadian experts in nursing, medicine, business, government, academia and the public in a process of rigorous examination of research and broad consultation. "It is a privilege to be engaged by the Canadian Nurses Association in this extremely important work. I am delighted to work with Maureen McTeer and the other expert members of this Commission who bring such strong leadership and expertise to this broad consultation and deliberation process addressing transformation of the health system and improvement of health for Canadians," says Smadu.

The Commission is charged with bringing forth the innovations and solutions that will move Canada's medicare system beyond the hospital-focused acute care model to encompass community-based services (including home care). Particularly, it is interested in solutions that pertain to healthy aging across the lifespan, promoting health and preventing illness/injury, and managing chronic disease.

As the largest group of health care providers, nurses are the key to this health system renewal. Smadu explains, "Nurses work closely with citizens throughout the continuum of care, throughout the lifespan, in all settings and sectors. They have implemented a number of innovations to support patient and family-centred care, enhance quality and safety, create and maintain health, and strengthen the health system. Learning from these innovations, and hearing from the public about what will work for them, is foundational to moving forward with larger-scale transformation."