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Graduate Student Maxine Watt Receives U of S Engaged Scholar Mobilization Graduate Student Catalyst Award

December 12, 2013

Graduate Student Maxine Watt

Maxine Watt is not only a professional academic advisor at the College of Nursing Prince Albert Campus, she is also a graduate student working on her Master of Nursing. Recently, Maxine received $3,000 from the University of Saskatchewan for her project titled, "Linking Learners with Leaders for Life where they Live (L4)." The Engaged Scholar Mobilization Graduate Student Catalyst Award is designed to enable a faculty member (Dr. Lorna Butler) to sponsor a graduate student (Maxine Watt), with the outcome of a co-authored article.

Maxine's project is focused on studying the impact of health of the aboriginal people in Northern Saskatchewan and Yakutsk, Siberia. Today, we are concerned with individual well-being; however, there is a need to focus on the collective health needs of Northeners and their unique health concerns. In order to do so, Maxine's project highlights the creation of a Summer Institute. In partnership with the College of Nursing, the International Centre for Northern Governance & Development (ICNGD) and the International Office of the North Eastern Federated University (NEFU), the concept is to immerse learners in a culturally focused Summer Institute beginning in the summer of 2014. The goal of the Summer Institute is to inspire the recruitment of nurses to northern communities, encourage future scientists to consider health in circumpolar regions and to boost the interest of established investigators to join in the discovery of knowledge that will directly impact global indigenous health and well-being.

When asked about the project, Maxine replied, "As I come from a rural area myself, I have a great interest in rural people and the health challenges they face. I am really excited to work on this project and I feel honored to be chosen for this award."