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College of Nursing Learning Community Launches "Ask a Nurse" Video Series

February 4, 2014

Are you interested in becoming a nurse? Not sure what the profession is all about? The College of Nursing Learning Community has created a four part video series to educate individuals about the various areas of practice within a nursing profession. In many cases, students consider becoming a nurse, but they often don't know the endless list of opportunities a nursing education can bring with it.

The goal of the project was to communicate to students the day-to-day opportunities and challenges of nursing through the use of videos. The topics were narrowed down based on student polling and the questions asked in the series were derived from student input. The final four video topics include "Ask a Flight Nurse," "Ask a Health Bus Nurse", "Ask a Long Term Care Nurse" and "Ask a Nursing Instructor". The videos have more than one application, according to Assistant Professor Janet McCabe. "In addition to highlighting the career diversity available to nurses, the videos can also be used in a classroom setting, specifically in NURS 200 - Nursing Foundations: Perspectives and Influences, to demonstrate the different needs of patient populations and skills required by nurses to deliver efficient and effective patient care."

The College of Nursing Learning Community was established to connect students completing their pre-professional year of study, prior to their enrollment in the undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. It was also created as a way to provide learning resources to help students learn more about nursing, a natural fit with the "Ask a Nurse" resource series. Through these videos, pre-professional year students will gain an understanding of different areas of nursing, including those career options that may not be at the forefront of the student's image of nursing.