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College of Nursing Celebrates Students' Program Progression

June 5, 2014

The College of Nursing Undergraduate Education Committee has endorsed a new nursing ceremony that will recognize and celebrate students' progression throughout their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, with a presentation of a "Year 2, 3 or 4" pin.

To kick off this tradition and celebrate our students in the Post-Degree BSN (PDBSN) program, the inaugural pinning ceremony took place on May 21st in Saskatoon. When asked about the importance of the pins and the new progression ceremonies, (Acting) Dean Dr. Lois Berry replied, "For the students, the pins are a symbol celebrating the effort that was needed to complete their education to that point and the new progression ceremony is a great way to celebrate these milestones." She went on to say, "…the students were also looking for a way during their placements to communicate with community members about their level of their education and we believe this pin, which we're hoping they will all wear proudly during their practicums, is the perfect way to do so."

"Receiving this pin was an excellent way to recognize and celebrate the hard work we are putting into our education," said PDBSN student Terra Carriere. "The faculty and staff were so enthusiastic about the ceremony; it was great to have them all there reinforcing to us that they are there to support us throughout our education. The pins not only excite us and encourage us to continue working towards our RN designation; they also create a sense of belonging and pride to be part of the College of Nursing. I will definitely wear my pin during clinical placements to help patients understand what skills they can expect from me and I also believe wearing the pin holds us to high standards and encourages us to carry ourselves with professionalism in the work place."

The May 21st ceremony took place in Saskatoon, as this is the only site PDBSN students are located; however, the future pinning ceremonies in the BSN program will take place simultaneously at all sites across the province using video conferencing technology.

For a complete photo gallery of the inaugural pinning ceremony, please visit our Facebook page.