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Ebin Arries
PhD, M.Phil(Ethics), M.Cur, B.Cur, RN
Assistant Professor

Office: 1301 Central Avenue, Prince Albert
Telephone: (306) 765-3333 ext 7520
Fax: (306) 765-3330
Skype: ebin.arries
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  • Research Interests
    • Ethical governance of quality improvement in nursing
    • Ethical workplace environment
    • Ethics risks/issues & decision making in nursing
    • Person-centered care & vulnerability
    • Global health & human rights
  • Methodology
    • Empirical: mixed methods (e.g. methodology, phenomenology and orientational inquiry)
    • Conceptual/philosophical analysis

Ebin J Arries is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan. His professional career of more than 19 years as a registered nurse spanned areas such as nursing ethics, critical care nursing and nursing education. Dr. Arries' research and scholarly interest revolves around the intersection between Nursing Ethics, Healthcare Systems Improvement and Healthcare Policy. His research program is in the area of Nursing Ethics and Global Health with special focus on contentious issues in quality improvement (QI)/ quality of care from a nursing ethics perspective. Employing ethics as tool, the goal of his research is to advance quality, equity, and human rights in structure, processes and outcomes of healthcare delivery, overcoming challenges to ethical caring, strengthening health care systems and management practices, reducing health disparities that disregard social, political, economic and geographical borders to improve the health of vulnerable and marginalized groups/ populations. Furthermore, his research aims at advancing a nursing ethics perspective on the ethical management and institutionalisation of the ethics of health QI.

Dr. Arries past research and scholarly endeavours focused on the quality of nursing care, quality of clinical decision-making in acute nursing practice; developing of nursing practice and care standards; and exploring patient care experiences of health quality service delivery. His past involvement in quality improvement forums has contributed to and culminated in the development, implementation and evaluation of standards of nursing care in acute care units. Dr. Arries also served in the role of clinical nursing consultant on litigation cases. He has supervised and/or co-supervised graduate students in critical care nursing, nursing education and nursing management. He is currently accepting graduate students.

Currently, Dr. Arries is a Co-Investigator on an inter-professional research project. This project is a dual CIHR/ Manitoba Health Council funded project on Integrated Knowledge Translation Fosters Partnerships as Rural Post-Secondary Students Collaborate to Improve the Health of their Campus Communities. Dr. Arries is the Features Editor, Member of the Editorial Board and Reviewer for the Journal of Nursing Ethics housed at the International Center for Nursing Ethics (ICNE). In 2012, he was invited to serve as an expert reviewer on the International Council of Nurses (ICN) Code of Ethics Advisory Group.

Future research endeavours: Dr. Arries advance on issues on the ethical governance of health QI to improve care and health outcomes among vulnerable marginalised populations across a variety of healthcare settings, including rural and remote communities. Employing both empirical and conceptual/philosophical research methodologies he investigates the following key areas:

  • Ethical governance of healthcare QI;
  • Ethical workplace/ learning environment for QI;
  • Ethical issues in health QI;
  • Person-centeredness in health QI;
  • Global Health and Human rights issues.


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