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Susan Fowler-Kerry -
BA (Pysch), BSN, MN, PhD
E4208 Health Sciences, Saskatoon
(306) 966-6214(306) 966-6214
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  • Research Interests
    • Pediatric Nursing
    • Health Policy
    • Pediatric palliative care
    • Pediatric Pain
    • Community Development
    • Interprofessional
    • International Health
  • Methodology
    • Quantitative (RCT’s)
    • Qualitative
    • Critical Social Theory Discourse

Who am I? I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mother, survivor, registered nurse and a tenured Full-professor with the College of Nursing. I started my post-secondary education at the University of Saskatchewan completing a BA in psychology and a BSN. After graduating I worked in the OR and post-anesthesia at RUH, then moving to Washington DC., working at the Children’s Hospital National Medical Center, Washington Hospital Center, and an Ambulatory Outpatient Surgical Clinic. Returning to Canada, I commenced my MN at the University of Alberta, (Music Distraction to Relieve Injection Pain in Children). My PhD was completed in Interdisciplinary Studies, 2008 University of Saskatchewan( Voices of Parents: The Lived Experience of Caring for a Child with Life-Limiting and Life-Threatening Diagnosis within Existing Social Policies).

Completing my MN, I joined the faculty of nursing at the U of Saskatchewan. Soon after I was invited to become a member of the first integrative, interdisciplinary pain management service in North America under the direction of Dr. G. Wyannt. Resulting from my ongoing funded program of research in pediatric pain, I was invited by Dr. J. Stjernsward, Cancer, World Health Organization, and Geneva, Switzerland to co-chair an invitational consensus conference to develop Pediatric Cancer and Palliative care guidelines in Gargonza, Italy. Following this meetings Dr. Patricia McGrath and I co-edited, the WHO pediatric compendium, “Cancer Pain Relief and Palliative Care in Children”. This work resulted in numerous collaborations and consultations with WHO, PAHO, George Soros Foundation, Middle East Cancer Consortium and the European Union. Thru this work I have traveled extensively throughout Eastern European and the Middle East. Most recently, I have completed a term as a Board member representing Canada on the International Children’s Pediatric Palliative Care Network (ICPCN). This has further expanded my network of colleagues and collaborators into China, and South East Asia including the Philippines.

To date, I have served on numerous boards and committees such as: University of Saskatchewan Behavioral Research & Biomedical Research Ethics Boards. President of the Canadian Nurses Foundation, Executive Member of the U of Saskatchewan Faculty Association, Director of the Royal Bank of Canada, “Nurses for Kids” program, Canadian Dancers Transition Board, SRNA Investigations, President of Dance Saskatchewan, Board Member and Chair of the Research sub-committee for ICPCN.



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Grants, Awarded (Peer-Reviewed)

Ferguson L (Principal Investigator), Berry L (Co-investigator), Spurr S (Co-investigator), Fowler-Kerry S (Co-investigator), Kent Wilkinson A (Co-investigator), Hewson K (Co-investigator), Besse C (Co-investigator), Bowen A (Co-investigator). Enhancing the student learning experience through lecture capture, University of Saskatchewan. Total: $4,000.00 for 2013-03-13 to 2013-08

Racine L (Principal Investigator), Ferguson L (Co-principal Investigator), Udod S (Co-investigator), Maposa S (Co-investigator), Fowler-Kerry S (Co-investigator). Understanding Internationally Educated Nurses' Professional, Cultural, and Social Integration in Canadian Nursing Workplaces: Designing Culturally Competent and Evidence-Based Retention Programs, CIHR and the Regional Partnership Program. Total: $152,080.00 for 2012-10 to 2014-09

Grants, Awarded (Non-Peer-Reviewed)

Ferguson L (Principal Investigator), Berry L (Co-investigator), Fowler-Kerry S (Co-investigator), Kent-Wilkinson A (Co-investigator), Spurr S (Co-investigator), Besse C (Co-investigator), Hewson K (Co-investigator), Bowen A (Co-investigator). Enhancing the student learning experience through lecture capture, U of S Summer Student Employment Program (USTEP) University of Saskatchewan. Total: $4,000.00 for 2013-05-01 to 2013-08-30

Wason-Ellam L (Co-principal Investigator), Blakley P (Co-principal Investigator), McIntyre L (Collaborator), Fowler-Kerry S (Collaborator), Zlotkin N (Collaborator), Carter M (Collaborator), Purdue P (Collaborator), MacDonald M (Collaborator), Brenna B (Collaborator). Screening for FASD and Literacy in Justice, Health and Educational Contexts in Saskatchewan, College of Medicine (matching grant to SHRF Phase 1 Development Grant). Total: $30,000.00 for 2011 to 2013

Fowler-Kerry S (Co-investigator), Wason-Ellam L (Co-investigator), Blakely P (Co-investigator), McIntyre L (Co-investigator), Zlotkin N (Co-investigator), Carter M (Co-investigator), Purdue P (Co-investigator), Brenna B (Co-investigator), Mitten R (Co-investigator), MacDonald M (Co-investigator). Screening for FASD and Literacy in Justice, Health and Educational Contexts in Saskatchewan, Unknown Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. Total: $128,000.00 for 2010

Fowler-Kerry S (Co-investigator), Chad K (Co-investigator), Himbert L (Co-investigator), Henry C (Co-investigator), Fowler-Kerry S (Co-investigator), Rodgers C (Co-investigator), Baxter-Jones A (Co-investigator), Martin L (Co-investigator), Pruden D (Co-investigator), Lackie N (Co-investigator). MEND, Mind, Exercise, Nutrition Do It! Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. Total: $50,000.00 for 2010

Fowler-Kerry S (Principal Investigator), Bassendowski S (Co-investigator). Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in Global Health, Nursing and Medicine Making the Links Between Saskatchewan and the Philippines Saskatchewan Academic Health Sciences Network. Total: $10,000.00 for 2010

Ferguson L (Principal Investigator), Fowler-Kerry S (Co-investigator), Berry L (Co-investigator), Kent-Wilkinson A (Co-investigator), Wall P (Co-investigator), Spurr S (Co-investigator), Besse C (Co-investigator), Hewson K (Co-investigator), Evans R (Co-investigator), Bowen A (Co-investigator). Enhancing Student Learning Through Online Lecture Capture, Research Grant Award Western Region Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (WRCASN). Total: $5,000.00 for 2010

Fowler-Kerry S (Principal Investigator). Dr. Judith Oulton, Visiting Lecture Myrtle Crawford Memorial Lectureship Fund. Total: $1,000.00 for 2010

Fowler-Kerry S (Co-investigator), Warnock F (Co-investigator). Clarifying measurement of perinatal comorbidity and stress regulation in mothers and infants, Planning and Dissemination Grant CIHR Meeting. Total: $9,414.00 for 2010