College of Nursing

Faculty & Staff

Susan Fowler-Kerry
BA (Pysch), BSN, MN, PhD

Office: E4308 Health Sciences E-wing, Saskatoon
Phone: (306) 966-6214
Fax: (306) 966-6621
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  • Research Interests
    • Community Development ? Child & youth
    • Health policy
    • Pediatric pain & palliative care
    • Interprofessional practices
  • Methodology
    • Qualitative


Bharadwaj, L., Fowler-Kerry, S., Koster, W. (2009). Water and Health in Indigenous Communities, $25,000, Meetings Planning and Dissemination Grant: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Chad, K., Bilinski, B., Bingham, W., Gyurcsik, N., Fowler-Kerry, S., Henry, C., Humbert, L., Lanovaz, J., Martin, L., Martin, S., Osgood, N., Pourdrier, J., Reeder, B., Rodgers, C., Shah, S., Stone, S., Verral, T., vonTigerston, B., Wason-Ellam, L., Zello, G. (2008-09). Research Facilitation Grant – Renewal, $50,000, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation.

Ferguson, L., Fowler-Kerry, S., MacDonald, M. Murray, L., & Anonson, J. (2007). An Inventory of Current and Potential Interprofessional Clinical Placement Team Experiences for Health Sciences Professional Students in Saskatchewan, $20,000, Patient Centered Interprofessional Team Experiences (P-CITE) Project of the Interprofessional Education for Collaborative Patient-Centred Practice (IECPCP of Health Canada), University of Saskatchewan.

Dobson, R. (PI), Chad, K., Ferguson, L., Fowler-Kerry, S., Neubauer, S., & Wason-Ellam, L. (2007). Creating Sustainable Interprofessional Practicum Sites for Health Care Students, $5000, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Development Fund, University of Saskatchewan.