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Lee Murray
Associate Professor

Office:E4210 Health Sciences, Saskatoon
Phone:(306) 966-6239(306) 966-6239
Fax: (306) 966-6621
Skype: B.Lee.Murray
Other:Educating Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities about Healthy Relationships
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  • Research Interests
    • Adolescent mental health
    • Children and adolescents with developmental disabilities
    • Sexual health education
    • Self-harm and suicidal behaviour
  • Methodology
    • Qualitative
    • Auto ethnography

I am currently an Associate Professor at the College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan. I am also a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in adolescent mental health. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Master of Nursing and a PhD Education Administration from the University of Saskatchewan. I teach in the area of adolescent mental health, individual and group counseling, interprofessional practice and leadership and school health in context of the role of a mental health nurse in schools.

My clinical practice and research involves working in schools with adolescents with developmental disabilities regarding sexual health education. I also have a great interest and curiosity regarding "Mothering". To satisfy this curiosity, I use autoethnography as methodology to explore the normative discourse of mothering in the context of my own experiences as a mom.