College of Nursing

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Registration for Graduate Courses

When registering for your classes, it is important to ensure that you are registered in the correct section.  All graduate students will be required to register every term (there are 3 terms per Calendar year: September to December, January to April and May to August) from the time commencing the graduate program until all degree requirements are completed. 

NURS 990

Nursing 990 is the departmental graduate seminar and is a College of Graduate Studies and Research requirement. Attendance is required until 2 terms has been credited.

Other College of Graduate Studies & Research Courses

The College of Graduate Studies and Research offers several credit and non-credit courses for graduate students. Of particular interest to PhD students wanting to enter academe is GSR989: Introduction to University Teaching. In this two semester course the students explore and develop their teaching skills.

For further information on this and other GSR courses, please see the College of Graduate Studies and Research website.

Transfer Credits

Students may take courses from other institutions. A total of six credits can be transferred to the University of Saskatchewan for inclusion in the PhD program. Before registering to take courses from another institution a request to take these courses either through the Saskatchewan University Graduate Agreement (for University of Regina classes only) or the Western Canadian Deans Agreement (all other universities in western Canada) is needed. Students can obtain these forms from the College of Nursing Graduate Program Office.

If a student wishes to transfer previously completed coursework into the nursing program, please be advised that your program is deemed to have begun at the time you took the course. For example, if a student took graduate statistics in 2011, and wanted to transfer that course into the program which began in 2012, the five year time limit to complete the Master Nursing degree would begin in 2011, not 2012.

Letters of Enrollment

Letters confirming your enrollments are available from your PAWS account.  These letters will only show you as a registered student for the terms you have registered. Confirmation of enrollment for non-government student loan providers, non-U of S institutions offering financial support, financial institutions, provincial health care providers and employers can be found here.