College of Nursing


Promotion and Graduation


To outline the promotion and graduation process throughout the BSN program.


  1. Students are required to maintain an annual weighted average of 60% in each of years two, three and four. The annual weighted average includes both nursing and non-nursing courses.
  2. Students who do not achieve an annual weighted average of 60% may be required to discontinue.
  3. Decisions regarding continuation in the program are:
    • Annual weighted average 58% or below - student is required to discontinue
    • Annual weighted average above 58% and below 60% - student is put on probation and required to repeat any courses with marks below 55% and any course with a mark between 55 - 59% are recommended to be repeated.
  4. Students with an annual weighted average below 65% will be sent a warning letter stating they are required to maintain an average of 60%. If the annual weighted average is over 75%, a congratulatory letter will be sent.
  5. Students may be required to discontinue their studies at any point in their nursing program for reasons other than academic, if it is considered in the best interest of the profession or if continuation in the program is deemed to be unsafe to themselves or others.
  6. To graduate, students must have passed all required courses in the program with a minimum cumulative weighted average of 60%.
  7. The BSN Degree with Distinction will be awarded to students with an average of 78% or above. Great distinction will be awarded to students with averages of 83% or above.

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