College of Nursing




To establish consistent recommendations for student immunization. Immunizations help protect the health and safety of patients /clients, as well as nursing students participating in clinical placements.


  1. All nursing students are required to complete the recommended immunizations for health care workers as outlined in the Saskatchewan Immunization Manual, Chapter page 31 prior to any contact between students and patients/clients.
  2. Students are required to submit to the College of Nursing proof of immunizations prior to participation in clinical experience.
  3. Failure to maintain recommended immunizations may delay a student's progress in his/her studies.
  4. Specific immunizations will be required for certain clinical placements and in specific circumstances, such as disease outbreaks. Students who refuse or are unable to comply with this requirement may be at risk of not being able to complete required components of their program.
  5. Students who are applying for international clinical experiences will be required to meet the immunization requirements for the destination country.
  6. Any applicable costs of immunization are the responsibility of the student.

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