College of Nursing


Professional Conference Attendance


To clarify the expectations surrounding students attending professional conferences.


  • Active participation in professional nursing student conferences is very important to advancing the nursing profession, strengthening collaboration and communication and building leadership skills.
  • Nursing students in any year of the BSN program should be encouraged and facilitated to attend local, provincial and national nursing student conferences as well as other professional conferences as appropriate to their academic and career development.
  • Depending on the courses involved, academic and clinical equivalence of conference time should be considered, based on student's progress in course work and a minimum grade attained prior to the conference (i.e. A minimum grade of 70% must be attained in all nursing courses, prior to approval for conference time being granted in lieu of clinical time).
  • Students attending and involved in professional conferences should receive academic credit. In order to receive academic credit, students must report back to each course missed regarding their conference learning and overall experience.
  • The following procedures must be followed:
    1. submit a request to the Course Coordinator of the clinical courses involved
    2. notify all teachers affected by your absence.

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