College of Nursing


Respiratory Protection


To establish guidelines for respiratory mask fit testing of students consistent with the most current Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and the Canadian Standards Act prior to and during clinical placements. Proper respiratory mask fitting helps to protect students from respiratory infection when providing care or service to clients with acute respiratory infections.


All nursing students will be fitted with an N95 respiratory mask and educated on its use when required during the program.

  1. Arrangements will be made by the College of Nursing for each student to attend a session to be fitted for the most appropriate type and size of respiratory mask.
  2. Students who fail to attend their scheduled session must make their own arrangements for fit testing.
  3. Students who are unable to comply with this requirement may be at risk of not being able to complete required components of the program.
  4. Students are required to have information regarding their respiratory mask type and size with them while in the clinical setting.
  5. In accordance with the Canadian Standards Act, students are required to be refitted at least every two years while in the program or earlier if they have changes to face shape, size or features.

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