College of Nursing


Worker's Compensation Benefits Guidelines


To ensure all nursing students are eligible for workers' compensation benefits if they sustain an injury during the course of a work-based learning assignment (practicum), and to comply with health region policies.


All nursing students will complete the 'Consents and Agreement' section of Schedule "B"- Work-Based Learning Consent and Agreement form for each placement during the course of their program.

  1. WCB forms will be provided to each student for each placement.
  2. WCB forms must be signed by the student and returned to the College of Nursing prior to the start of each placement.
  3. Original signed copies of WCB forms will be retained by the College of Nursing for a minimum of two years from the completion of the placement to correspond with provincial statutes.
  4. In the event of an injury sustained during a placement, procedures and related consent and claim forms are available from the Course Coordinator.


The Worker's Compensation Board (the Board) has signed a memorandum with Saskatchewan Learning and has passed a policy under authority of The Worker's Compensation Act, 1979 (the Act) with a view to ensure that a student participating in Saskatchewan in a program and for whom consents and agreements are completed, is eligible for worker's compensation and is subject to legal rights, benefits, obligations and restrictions while placed with a local employer, as if the student was a worker in the course of employment.

Note: Coverage is not applicable to any placement or portion of a placement that takes place outside of Saskatchewan.

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