College of Nursing




To provide students in the College of Nursing with guidelines for maintaining patient confidentiality.


  1. Because students, by virtue of being such, have access to and are allowed to collect confidential information about persons or institutions or their representatives for the purposes of doing studies and writing papers, it is necessary to have some limitation on the distribution of material. This material should be restricted to the teacher and those preparing the paper.
  2. If material is suitable for publication, permission to publish must be obtained from the teacher concerned, as well as the Dean of the College.
  3. In order to maintain confidentiality, persons are not to be identified in any required written work of a course or on any permanent verbal record unless written permission of the person(s) involved is first obtained. Please refer to Student Confidentiality Agreement.
  4. Policies of any agency or institution concerning confidentiality are to be respected in a similar manner.

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