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Supplemental and Deferred Exams

  • Deferred final examinations: may be granted provided the following conditions are met:

    The student who is absent from a final examination through no fault of his/her own for medical or other valid reasons may apply to the College of Nursing for a deferred examination. Such application must be made within three (3) days of the missed examination along with documentary evidence. Deferred examinations will be written during the February midterm break for Term 1 courses and in early June for Term 2 courses. The College may, under extenuating circumstances, grant a special deferred examination to a student who submits satisfactory evidence of inability to be present at the regular deferred examination sitting.

    During a final examination, the student who becomes ill must notify the invigilator (proctor) immediately of the inability to complete the examination. To apply for a deferred examination, the student must submit satisfactory documentary evidence of the illness to the Graduate Chair of the College of Nursing within three days of the interrupted examination.

    The student who has sat for a given final examination and handed the paper in for marking will not be granted a deferred final examination.

    The student, who by reason of continuing illness or other valid considerations, is unable to write during the regular deferred examination period, may apply to the College of Nursing Graduate Program Chair for permission to write a deferred examination at a time other than the required deferred examination period.

    A student should apply for a special deferred exam if the course in which the exam was missed is a pre-requisite to a course that would be taken before the scheduled deferred exam period.

    A deferred final examination shall be accorded the same weight as the regular final examination in the computation of the student's final grade.

    Applications for deferred or special deferred exams are available from the Graduate Program office. The student completes the top portion and then takes it to their instructor to complete the middle portion. It is then forwarded to the Chair of the Graduate Program who either grants or denies the request.
  • Supplemental Final Exams: There are no supplemental final examinations in the College of Nursing Graduate Program courses with the exception of Graduate Courses with an OSCE component.

    Supplemental examination will be provided in the Nurse Practitioner Program for the OSCE in NURS 879. To be eligible for a supplemental exam, the student must have obtained a minimum final course mark of 50% and must have met the required weighted average of 70%.

    The student who fails more than two courses in an academic year will not be considered for supplemental OSCE. Supplemental OSCE shall be accorded the same weight as the original final examination in the computation of the student's final grade.

    Supplemental examination will be granted only if there is a reasonable expectation of the student passing NURS 879 if the supplemental exam is granted. A supplemental exam will be scheduled within five calendar days of the initial exam. Students failing an OSCE will not be required to apply for a supplemental exam.

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