College of Nursing


Midterm Exam Policy


To outline guidelines regarding the completion of midterm examinations in the College of Nursing.


  1. A student who is absent from a midterm examination through no fault of his or her own, for medical, compassionate, or other valid reasons, may contact the faculty member for the course in which they are registered for a deferred exam. Such application must be made within three business days of the missed examination and be accompanied by supporting documentary evidence.
  2. Faculty and/or the College of Nursing will not accommodate a request to reschedule a midterm exam because of personal reasons. Midterm examinations can be scheduled at any time during the academic term. Students should avoid making prior travel arrangements or other commitments that may conflict with scheduled exams.
  3. Missing a midterm examination due to personal or travel related conflicts may result in a midterm exam grade of 0% being assigned.
  4. In some exceptional circumstances, faculty may consider combining the weight of the missed midterm exam with the final exam. Students need to speak with the specific course faculty member prior to the missed midterm examination for this consideration.
  5. If the midterm and final exam are combined and the resulting weight of these components exceeds 50% of the final grade, approval must be sought from the Chair of the Undergraduate Education Committee.

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