College of Nursing


Job Action in Clinical


To address the fulfillment of clinical experiences in the event of union job action in clinical setting.


In the event of a strike by union members, students should not report to the clinical setting. Students are not permitted to work in a clinical setting without the supervision of a preceptor and/or clinical instructor. As a result, clinical experiences may be interrupted.

It is impossible for the College of Nursing to predict what disruptions will occur, where, and when. The College urges students to remain in close contact with their clinical faculty members. Missed clinical time will be dealt with on an individual basis after assessing the amount of clinical time missed, the intents of the course(s) and the potential for making up time. It may be possible for the program to arrange alternate learning experiences. In the event of a strike or rotating strike, alternate experiences may be arranged for students. These may include classroom teaching and/or labs.

Some students may be placed in agencies in which its members are not participating in the job action. In those cases, students should contact their course professors for direction on attending clinical. If there are any concerns, final decisions regarding students remaining in the clinical agency will be made by the course coordinators in consultation with the Associate Deans.

The College of Nursing will monitor and assess the situation on an ongoing basis and will inform students of any adjustment(s) in this approach.

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