College of Nursing


Grade Assignment


To delineate the process for grade assignment when students are unsuccessful in either theory or clinical courses.


  1. In the calculation of final course marks and weighted averages, failing grades resulting from absence, withdrawal, or incomplete course work will be computed with a zero for grade component(s) that were not completed and the earned mark will be submitted. This mark can range from 0 - 49%.
  2. If the failure results in a computed passing percentage grade, a final grade of 49% will be submitted along with the appropriate comment for the failure (e.g. ABF, W, or INF).
  3. Students will not be eligible for a supplemental exam in the above instances.
  4. Withdrawal prior to the period of academic penalty is not included in the calculation of averages (see institutional calendars for dates).
  5. Some nursing courses have an essential component that must be passed in order to pass the course. A student failing an essential component of a course will be required to withdraw. If the student withdraws before the period of academic penalty, the grade will be recorded as "W" on the transcript. If the essential component is failed after the period for withdrawal without academic penalty, the grade assigned for the course will be 30%.
  6. In NURS 450.9 and 431.6, for a student who completes the course and receives a failing grade, a mark of 30% will be assigned.
  7. A student must pass each clinical component of a course in order to pass the course.
  8. A minimal pass grade in clinical is only allowed once throughout the program. If a student obtains a 'minimal pass' grade a second time, the student will be required to repeat the course and receive a minimum of a 'satisfactory' grade in that clinical course and in all subsequent courses.

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