College of Nursing

Predeparture Orientation Module


This pre-departure orientation module is designed for students who will be participating in an international practicum in a developing country, an international practicum in an industrialized country, or a practicum in a remote or isolated location where cultural and/or safety issues may be part of the experience. The goal of this preparatory module is to assist you to maximize learning while maintaining personal, professional and cultural safety. As well, as you work through this module, we hope it will help you become more open to diversity, self-directed in your learning, flexible in your expectations, and tolerant of ambiguity.

The orientation module includes materials in a variety of formats—on-line learning resources, references to paper-based materials, and face-to-face meetings with resource persons. The expectation is that you will complete the entire module prior to the start of your practicum. Your course facilitator will monitor your progress through the module.

Depending on the site of your practicum, there are different sections for you to complete: International, either developing industrialized country, or in a remote or isolated location in Canada.