College of Nursing


Faculty Research

Our faculty are engaged in a range of research that will improve health and healthcare for Canadians and people around the world. Research clusters are evolving in six signature areas:


Clinical Research Settings captures faculty's research and scholarship in clinical research settings, such as acute care, palliative care, oncology, cardiovascular care, respiratory care, mental health and community health.

Community Engagement recognizes the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources within each of the research clusters. Our research takes place with community based partners to meet diverse needs provincially, nationally and internationally.

Nursing reflects that as nurse scientists, our researchers are naturally interested in nursing domains amongst the health professions and consider domains as the philosophy and culture of nursing, professional practice of nursing within the health care delivery system, nursing leadership and administration and nursing education.

Research Clusters

Child, Youth, Maternal Health conducts research on a wide range of factors related to optimizing maternal and child health and development from preconception to young adulthood. Our research explores the impact of social, psychological, spiritual and physical dimensions and available health services on women's, children's and family health.

Participants: Jill Bally, Jodie Bigalky, Angela Bowen, Diane Campbell, Marie Dietrich-Leurer, Susan Fowler-Kerry, Karen Juckes, Janet McCabe, Lee Murray, Marcella Ogenchuk, Pammla Petrucka, Shelley Spurr

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Healthy Aging supports research that promotes healthy aging by optimizing delivery of health services for those in palliative or end-of-life care or those experiencing a range of health and social conditions associated with aging.

Participants: Katherine Ash, Lorraine Holtslander, Lynn Jansen, Shelley Peacock, Cindy Peternelj-Taylor

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Health Equity supports research that promotes health and well-being of individuals, groups and communities within their own social, economic, political and cultural context and the distribution of societal benefits and responsibilities.

Participants: June Anonson, Katherine Ash, Angela Bowen, Marie Dietrich-Leurer, Arlene Kent-Wilkinson, Sithokozile Maposa, Wanda Martin, Pammla Petrucka, Louise Racine, Shelley Spurr

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Health Systems supports research optimizing health service delivery within the health care system: examining health human resources, rural and remote health care delivery, nursing leadership, management and health care and nursing practices in general.

Participants: Katherine Ash, Diane Campbell, Joyce Davison, Linda Ferguson, Lynn Jansen, Janet Luimes, Sithokozile Maposa, Cindy Peternelj-Taylor, Louise Racine, Noelle Rohatinsky, Sonia Udod

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Pedagogy, Education & Technology research will optimize teaching and learning in interprofessional education. For example, this research explores instructional strategies, including the use of technology within classroom and health care settings.

Participants: June Anonson, Jill Bally, Sandra Bassendowski, Carol Bullin, Linda Ferguson, Arlene Kent-Wilkinson, Don Leidl, Marcella Ogenchuk, Tracie Risling

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Rural & Remote Health supports research concerning a wide range of factors pertaining to the health of rural populations.

Participants: Mary Ellen Andrews, June Anonson, Lois Berry, Hope Bilinski, Joyce Davison, Kelly Penz, Donna Rennie, Noelle Rohatinsky, Karen Semchuk

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