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Our faculty members are prominent Canadian nurse researchers who are generating knowledge in a variety of fields including global health in developing countries, end of life care, the stresses and demands on nurse leaders, the use of cutting edge technologies in teaching, working with families and children with disabilities and promoting healthy activity in nursing students. These are just a few examples of research taking place in the College of Nursing.

Our faculty and staff are awarded provincial, national and international research funds to explore important local and global health topics and many receive awards for their outstanding research. Highlighted below are some of the most recent College of Nursing research related news stories.

Celebrating 2017 President's SSHRC Grant Awardees

The President's SSHRC Research Fund is financed from an annual grant made to the University of Saskatchewan President by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), in general support of research and scholarly work in the social sciences, humanities and fine arts. The College of Nursing would like to congratulate Drs. Sithokozile Maposa, Wanda Martin and Louise Racine on their success in the 2017 Presidents SSHRC grant competition.

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Research Suggests...But Does It?

Society is overwhelmed with information on outcomes of research. Individuals are bombarded daily with messages containing claims, such as “research indicates”, “studies show” or “scientific evidence supports”. But what exactly is behind the research that supports the claims society tends to take at face value? College of Nursing’s Dr. R. Anne Springer, alongside collaborator Dr. Michael Clinton, are looking to explore relationships between ethical leadership, positive research cultures and the protection of human participants in research.

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Dr. Marcella Ogenchuk Receives President's SSHRC Grant

Dr. Ogenchuk and co-investigator Dr. Laurie Hellsten are working on a research project, Developing a Personalized Youth Alcohol Self-Assessment Tool, that they hope will help youth better understand alcohol consumption.

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Researchers Celebrate 100% Success in Children’s Hospital Foundation Grant Competition

The Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan has been part of Saskatchewan for twenty five years. Although most people think of patient care services and equipment when they hear about the foundation, a large part of what they do is also helping researchers do important work to support pediatric and maternal health. The College of Nursing is proud to announce three projects led by College of Nursing faculty have received Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan Research Grants, which represents a 100% success rate in the competition.

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Dr. Geoffrey Maina Receives CRISM Grant

The University of Saskatchewan has created a number of initiatives in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's Calls to Action (2015). The College of Nursing Prince Albert campus is positioning itself to take a lead on research that will enhance the mental health and wellbeing of Indigenous people in the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region and Northern Saskatchewan. Specifically, a group of nursing faculty have identified substance use and addiction as a common interest and are teaming up to work on research to help those in vulnerable situations.

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