College of Nursing

Technology in the College of Nursing

Access to a Computer

The nursing program makes extensive use of online and electronic resources. Students will be required to have regular access to a late model (<3 years old) computer and a reliable high speed internet connection in order to be successful in the program. This requirement can be fulfilled in a variety of ways (e.g., purchasing a personal laptop, using an existing family desktop, accessing common computer labs, etc.). It is strongly recommended that students consider purchasing their own computer system or laptop to help ensure dependable access is maintained throughout the program. The UofS Campus Computer Store has special student pricing incentives and they will ship products province wide.

Mobile Devices

Access to information on demand at point-of-care is becoming a key component of health care practice. Students will be required to have a mobile device for use in the undergraduate program. We recommend Apple or Android devices; however, there are several other devices that will also work for the required software packages that students will use most often.

U of S Course Tools (Blackboard)

College of Nursing courses at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels make extensive use of the the U of S Course Tools. Blackboard is a full-featured and widely adopted virtual learning environment. It provides an integrated set of tools to support online content delivery, learning communities, and assessment. It can be used to support courses that are completely online or used to augment a course delivered face-to-face, by satellite, etc.

Virtual Lab

The College of Nursing Virtual Lab provides you with easily accessible audiovisual material and Web Links that will enhance your knowledge and skills in Nursing. It is our hope that you will visit this Lab not only because you are required to do so for a particular course but also because you find this site helpful in preparing for your clinical practice.

Nursing Central

Nursing Central is the premier source of disease, drug, and test information for nurses. It also includes a leading dictionary, literature searching, and a study system. Get quick answers wherever you need them—on your mobile device or the web.


Grammarly is an automated proofreader. Once it reviews your work, it not only identifies where improvements are needed but provides feedback about how to fix the mistakes. It could improve your marks and your writing ability.


The College of Nursing uses HSPnet (Health Sciences Placement Network) to manage all clinical placements. Please read the Information Handout and Instructions provided to access HSPnet. You will sign the Consent Form and hand it in on Orientation day.

Turning Point

Some instructors or departments may require you to possess and use a clicker (interactive response system) for participation during classes.