College of Nursing

Student Uniforms

A standard uniform is required for all students enrolled in undergraduate nursing programs at the U of S. Uniforms worn during clinical practice while working with patients/clients will enhance professionalism, infection control, personal safety and role identification.

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program require a uniform upon admission to Nursing for year two, following the pre-professional year of the program. Students in the Post-Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing option should purchase their uniforms in their first year of study.

Uniforms sourced from Mobb Medical and PROfessional Choice can be ordered and purchased from the suppliers listed below. Additionally, students can order their uniforms from the Saskatchewan Abilities Council's Vetlinens website. If students choose to order online, they have the option to pay using a credit card or PayPal. Students can try on uniforms prior to purchasing (see locations below); however, the website also has sizing charts to help determine exact sizes. To ensure a reasonable shipping expectation time, we ask students to allow at least three weeks from the time they place their online order.

The Uniform Choice
7A-3110 8th Street East
Saskatoon, SK
(306) 651-0388 (306) 651-0388

Dorothy Pearl Uniforms
1230 Broad Street
Regina, SK
(306) 347-3137 (306) 347-3137

Saskatchewan Abilities Council
825 McDonald Street
Regina, SK
(306) 569-9048 (306) 569-9048

North Star Screenprinting and Embroidery
897 Central Avenue
Prince Albert, SK
(306) 764-2342 (306) 764-2342

Saskatchewan Abilities Council
162 Ball Road, Box 5011
Yorkton, SK
(306) 782-2463 (306) 782-2463

Please see this brochure to preview available style options. Tops are white and pants are dark green (spruce or forest). The U of S crest should be embroidered on the top. If students choose to wear a jacket/sweater to clinical; it must be a U of S crested uniform jacket.

Once students have selected a style and size, the suppliers will send the uniforms out to have the U of S crest embroidered onto the top.  Please order as soon as possible once accepted into the program to avoid delays as order processing may take up to three weeks. Students cannot attend clinical without a standard College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan uniform. Please see the Professional Appearance Policy for more information.