Towing and Booting Policy


Please be advised that the University of Saskatchewan has the legal right to TOW and/or BOOT (immobilize) all vehicles which have outstanding violations (even if they are not in violation at the time). Out of Province vehicles are subject to towing at any time that there are outstanding violations.

Booting is a locking device placed on your left front wheel, in order to prevent moving of the vehicle until all outstanding amounts owed to the University are paid. This is sometimes used instead of towing, if the vehicle is inaccessible to towing or the officer deems it necessary. It is illegal to attempt to drive with the boot or tamper with boot in any way. Only Parking and Transportation Services employees can remove the boot. After 24 hours of booting, the University may deem it necessary to tow the vehicle to a compound, either ours or the contract towing firm's compound. All fees and charges would be the responsibility of the owner.

In order to avoid being towed or booted, please keep violations paid up to date. 

If your vehicle has been towed or booted, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at 966-4502 during regular office hours (08:30 - 16:30 hours Mon-Fri). There is no way to redeem your vehicle outside of regular office hours. We accept  Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and DEBIT, in person ONLY. Identification may be required. Cheques will NOT be accepted.

All vehicles which are impounded/immobilized will be at the University's Compound or at Astro Towing, 3015 Miner's Ave, Saskatoon, Sask. 242-2030. Please check with Astro directly for further information regarding pick up times, storage fees and amounts outstanding that are required before your vehicle can be released.

The University of Saskatchewan has the legal authority to TOW or BOOT all vehicles for outstanding violations. All costs are the responsibility of the user. Vehicles which are not registered in the province of Saskatchewan have no provincial database but they are subject to Saskatchewan legislation. Saskatchewan provincial court has no jurisdiction to hear these matters. In most instances, as we cannot identify the registered owner or driver, the only solution we have for outstanding violations is to TOW or BOOT the vehicle. IF YOU DRIVE AN OUT OF PROVINCE LICENSED VEHICLE, KEEP YOUR VIOLATIONS PAID and CURRENT in order to avoid this consequence, added cost and inconvenience.