Payment of Violations

Payments may be made in person. We accept cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  No personal cheques are accepted. Parking and Transportation Services retains the right to refuse any cheque or credit card at their discretion. Phone payments are not possible, however,  online payments are now accepted at  You will require a valid credit card, your ticket number and vehicle plate number. 

Payment may be dropped off in the deposit box located at the front door of the Animal Science Building, 72 Campus Drive. DO NOT DEPOSIT CASH. Drop box is provided for CONVENIENCE only. It is the responsibility of the registered owner to ensure that payment is received. Drop box is cleared daily, Monday to Friday, however we do not accept responsibility for lost/stolen or misplaced payments. Use at your own RISK! 

Payment by money order only may be mailed to:
Parking and Transportation Services
72 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  S7N 5B5

If you do not have your copy of the violation, please be sure to include your vehicle plate number and ticket number (if known). Once again, DO NOT MAIL CASH

Please be advised that all payment methods are simply a convenience and if one method is not available (due to malfunction), you are still required to make payment on time by another method. In other words, if debit for example is not available, the law still requires that payments are received by the dates indicated. The early payment option (if available) is 14 days from date of issue, not 14 working days.

Payment of a violation is an admission of guilt or that you do not wish to dispute the violation in court. Therefore, once the ticket is paid, no refunds will be made and you may not dispute the charge in court.

If your ticket is lost, payment is still your responsibility. Please be prepared with your vehicle license plate number when making inquiries.

To qualify for the discounted amount, payment must be made or post-marked within 14 calendar days from the date of the ticket, including weekends and holidays.

Violation Appeal Process

If you have a dispute regarding your violation see Court process.

If you wish to discuss the ticket before taking this course of action, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at 966-4502 or attend our office in person. This will not neccessarily result in cancellation or resolution. You must ensure that resolution or payment has been made.

If you have failed to appear as required by the summons, you will be Deemed Convicted by the court. Once convicted, you are required to request a re-opening hearing (Deemed Conviction Re-Open form) which may or may not be granted. Convictions that have passed one year will NOT be re-opened.

Ticket Review Request  Form