SmartPark Card

 SmartPark card Instructions

  • The University of Saskatchewan is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged SmartPark cards.
  • SmartPark card sales are final. Refunds will not be given on unused or partially used SmartPark cards.
  • In the event that the SmartPark card does not work, you are still required to use coins to park at the meter.
  • Insert SmartPark card with "chip" side facing down into any parking meter at the University.
  • One SmartPark card for one meter at a time.
  • Always re-insert your SmartPark card before you leave the parking stall (log out).
  • Check remaining SmartPark card value in any meter (**do not do this if you just logged in**)
  • SmartPark card can be re-charged.
  • SmartPark cards are available in $50, $100 and $125 values.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have inserted my SmartPark card in a meter and it does not do anything, what should I do?

  • Make sure you have inserted the SmartPark card with the chip side down.
  • Try inserting your SmartPark card more firmly.
  • The meter may be faulty. Try inserting your SmartPark card into a different meter.
  • Call 966-4502 for assistance.

What does it mean when my meter displays "IN" or "OUT"?

"IN" means that you are logging into the meter. The meter will then display the maximum time allowed on the parking meter or the amount of time the SmartPark card can purchase with its remaining balance. Then remove your SmartPark card. Always remember to reinsert your SmartPark card before you leave or your card will be charged for the meter's maximum time value the next time you insert your SmartPark card in any meter.

"OUT" means that you are now leaving your parking space and wish to pay for only the time you used while logged in at the meter. If you see an "Out" or "11:11" upon inserting your SmartPark card at a new parking space, then you have forgotten to log out at your last parking meter and will be charged for the meter's maximum time. Always remember to reinsert your SmartPark card when you leave, even if no time remains on the meter.

Is there a minimum purchase each time I use my SmartPark card?

You are only charged for the time you are logged onto the meter to the nearest minute.

How do I check the value remaining on my SmartPark card without being charged?

Insert your SmartPark card into a meter, provided that you have not just added time to the meter (logged in). The meter will then indicate the value remaining on your SmartPark card. Once the remaining value is displayed, remove your SmartPark card immediately. If you leave your SmartPark card in too long, the meter will display IN. You will then have to reinsert your SmartPark Card and will be charged twenty-five cents.

If my meter indicates "Coins Only", what should I do?

The meter is in SAFE mode and will reset itself after 60 seconds. You can then insert your SmartPark card, or you may deposit a coin to speed up the process.

Can I use my SmartPark card to pay for time on two separate meters at the same time?

You can pay for time on two meters at the same time but the first meter will automatically charge your SmartPark card its maximum time. The reason for this is the SmartPark card has no way of knowing which meter you are logged in at and will treat this situation as a failure to log out.

I attempted to insert my SmartPark card in the slot, but it would not go all the way in. What should I do?

There is likely a foreign object in the slot. You will have to use coins or find another parking meter. Please call 966-4502 to report the faulty meter number to Parking and Transportation Services. Meter numbers are located inside the meter dome, behind the number display.

My SmartPark card is damaged and does not work anymore.

The University of Saskatchewan is not responsible for damaged SmartPark cards. All Smartpark Cards are checked prior to sale to ensure that they are in proper working order. If you bring your damaged SmartPark card back to the Parking Office, we will try to determine the value remaining on the card, if possible.

Does the University of Saskatchewan give refunds on partially used SmartPark cards, or can a SmartPark card with a value remaining on it be credited toward the purchase of a new SmartPark card?

The University of Saskatchewan does not give refunds on SmartPark cards; however, SmartPark cards can be recharged. Any remaining value will be credited.

If I insert my SmartPark card into a meter with a four-hour maximum time limit at 9:00 PM, will I be charged for time used beyond time in effect?

Yes, you will be charged for time used beyond 10:00 PM Monday through Thursday and after 6:00 PM on Friday, as the parking meter does not shut off. It is therefore up to you to log off at 10:00 PM Monday through Friday and at 6:00 PM Friday to avoid paying for time when the parking meter does not have to be plugged.

What will I be charged if I park at a meter from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM?

Since there is a day rate in effect from 7:30 AM through 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and a different night rate from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM Monday through Thursday, you will be charged one hour at the day rate and four hours at the night rate.

I have inserted my card and the meter reads 11:11

You forgot to log out last time you used your card. The meter will collect maximum time from last use, then log you in for the correct meter.