Stadium Parkade

Stadium Parkade, located off College Drive (see the campus map (PDF)) is a covered parkade with 829 stalls (259 stalls are electrified) that can be utilized by all users, including students, staff, faculty, visitors, sporting event attendees, as space allows by paying the appropriate fee. Electrified stalls are located on Levels 2 and 3 and all of Level 4.


Height Restriction - 2.0M

May 1 - August 31 (annually) - $5.00 per exit per day

PLEASE NOTE: There are a few occasions each year, due to special events, that an influx of visitor parking is seen at Stadium Parkade. We try to take these occasions into consideration; however, we do not want to limit parking for the entire term to provide for a few days of special events. You may wish to consider this when purchasing Stadium Parkade. These are the conditions of daily, monthly, term and annual permits. No guarantee of parking. All users must be prepared to find alternate parking on these occasions. If the parkade is full, it is the responsibility of the user to find alternate legal parking options such as meters and other pay lots at their own cost. We would suggest leaving enough time in your schedule for alternate arrangements.

IT IS UNLAWFUL TO PLUG INTO AN ELECTRIC RECEPTACLE THAT IS NOT DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOUR VEHICLE, whether that vehicle is using the electricity or not. You must be parked in the stall equipped with an electrical plug to utilize the electrical outlet. This is against University Bylaws and carries a fine of $100.00.

IT IS UNLAWFUL TO LEAVE THE LOT WITHOUT PAYING or TO ASSIST SOMEONE ELSE IN LEAVING THE LOT WITHOUT PAYING under the Bylaws of the University (see section 6.16 and 6.16.1). Your permit allows only one vehicle to be in the lot at any one time. There is a $250 fine for leaving or attempting to assist someone else in leaving the parkade without paying as per above bylaws  AND your parking privileges may be REVOKED. All lots have video surveillance. In other words, even if you are trying to help someone else who says their permit is not working or you are allowing another vehicle into the parkade to assist your vehicle (vehicle repairs), the other vehicle must take a ticket on entry and pay on exit. If you are having trouble in the lot and are unsure of how to proceed, please use the HELP button provided on the exit machine.

  • Parking and Transportation Services has reserved stalls at Stadium Parkade for Diesel engine vehicles. To use these stalls, permits are required at an additional cost.  Diesel engine vehicles require uninterrupted power up to zero degrees celsius and therefore we have set aside a few stalls for their exclusive use. Space is limited. Please contact Parking and Transportation Services for further information.
  • Contact Parking and Transportation Services to purchase parking permits for Stadium Parkade as follows:
  • Parking is subject to availability.
  • Price includes GST.
Permit Amount
Monthly (For 1 to 7 months) $94.50 per month
Monthly (For 8 to 12 months) $78.75 per month


There are a few occasions every year, due to special events at the University which cause an "overload" on visitor parking at Stadium Parkade.  This is a designated visitor facility to which we sell some long term parking for your convenience. We attempt to provide for all of our users; however, we do not wish to limit long term parking to provide for a few days of special events. Past experince shows that this happens only once or twice a year in September and October.

You may wish to consider this when purchasing a permit for Stadium Parkade. All permits including daily, monthly, term and annual permits DO NOT GUARANTEE the holder a space in Stadium Parkade. If you must have guaranteed parking, then do NOT buy at Stadium Parkade. We do not "oversell" long term parking; however, we cannot control the amount of daily users at any given time. In view of this, if the parkade is FULL, it is the responsibility of the user to find alternate legal parking such as meters or other pay lots at their own cost. During Experience Us and the Career Fair, Stadium Parkade permit holders could park free of charge in Lot 15 ONLY. We would also suggest leaving enough time in your schedule for these alternate arrangements, should that become necessary. No alternate parking will be provided. This is one of the terms of your parking contract and is your responsibility. We repeat this only happens a few times a year, but you must be prepared for this eventuality.

Electrical Outlets: (Stadium Parkade)

General rule for maximum loading: A 15 amp outlet will provide sufficient power for one block heater AND one car warmer.

Overloading a circuit leaves all outlets on that circuit without electricity. For open search lots please take note of the post number and notify Parking and Transportation Services if an outlet is not functioning.

IPLC's (Intelligent Parking Lot Controller)

  • These are the units that are attached to your electrical outlets.
  • These units have two lights, a green and a red.
  • A flashing green light means that the receptacle has power present.
  • If you plug in and the light changes to solid green it means that you are within the wattage limits of the device and there are no wiring errors in your vehicle. So power is getting to your vehicle.
  • A flashing red light, means that no power is getting to your vehicle. You have exceeded the wattage limits or may have a short circuit in YOUR wiring.
  • A solid red light means that no power is getting to your vehicle. You have exceeded the wattage limits or the device may be faulty.
  • In the interest of personal safety, and to reduce the possibility of damage to your vehicle, it is recommended that a three-prong extension cord be used.
  • The University does not assume any responsibility for damage, expense or inconvenience caused by interrupted power supply to any car heater outlet.

In addition, the plug will provide power at 100% for the first 2 minutes after the car is plugged in and then shut off for the initial delay period of 2.05 hrs. This is because the engine is warm so supplying power for this time is a waste of energy. During this time frame, the green light will be on but the block heater or car warmer will not.

Reserved Diesel Stalls (4th floor, Stadium Parkade)

Diesel Permit holders will pay an additional $126.00 which is valid from September to April annually.

  • Permits MUST be displayed at all times
  • Vehicle registration will be required at time of purchase
  • Permit holders MUST use only the designated diesel stalls at all times from September-April
  • Electricity is provided at zero degrees
  • Permits are sold on a first come, first serve basis
  • Program may be discontinued at any time, without notice