McEown Park, College Quarter and Graduate House Residences

Residents living at McEown Park, College Quarter or Graduate House DO NOT apply to the student parking online sale.

McEown Park, College Quarter and Graduate House leaseholders ONLY may purchase stalls in U lot,  Aird Street or behind the Williams building annually or for the school term by applying in person at Parking and Transportation Services after you have signed your Residence Agreement for the fall.

At time of purchase, a valid student card and vehicle registration is required.  Vehicle registration must be in the leaseholder's name or legal guardian's name. 

Resident students can purchase parking as follows for stalls located at Aird Street, Williams and U lot:
(no GST)

  • $588.00 per year (May to April)
  • $420.00 for 8 months (September to April)

Summer Rates - May to August - $47.25 for one calendar month or $168.00 for the period May 1 to August 31.

Aird Street is scrambled parking with non-electrified stalls.

Williams is scrambled parking with non-electrified stalls.

U Lot is a scramble lot that has electrified and non-electrified stalls.  There is no guarantee of an electrified stall. There is also a metered area for visitor parking and a limited number of stalls for persons with a disability.

Diesel Electrical Outlet in U lot:

Stalls 242 to 246 in U lot are reserved only for Diesel engine vehicles. To use these stalls, permits are required at an additional cost of $126.00 September-April annually. At time of purchase, a valid vehicle registration is required. Diesel engine vehicles require uninterrupted power up to zero degrees celsius and therefore we have set aside a few stalls for their exclusive use. Space is limited. Please contact Parking and Transportation Services for further information. Diesel stalls are reserved and if you have not purchased an diesel permit, you may not park in a designated diesel stall.

  • You cannot plug into a stall that your vehicle is not parked at.  Do not run an extension cord to another plug in (used or not) or the building.  This is against the bylaws and carries a fine of a minimum of $100.


You must comply with the Snow Clearing Policy

It is unlawful to park a motor vehicle which is not duly licensed and insured on University property at any time. Vehicles with expired plates will be towed to the contract towing company's compound. The owner will be responsible for all towing and storage charges incurred during this period.

If you wish to retain your permit throughout the summer, you must renew annually on May 1. ALL PERMITS EXPIRE APRIL 30TH EACH YEAR.


IPLC's (Intelligent Parking Lot Controller)

  • These are the units that are attached to your electrical outlets.
  • These units have two lights, a green and a red.
  • A flashing green light means that the receptacle has power present.
  • If you plug in and the light changes to solid green it means that you are within the wattage limits of the device and there are no wiring errors in your vehicle. So power is getting to your vehicle.
  • A flashing red light, means that no power is getting to your vehicle. You have exceeded the wattage limits or may have a short circuit in YOUR wiring.
  • A solid red light means that no power is getting to your vehicle. You have exceeded the wattage limits or the device may be faulty.
  • In the interest of personal safety, and to reduce the possibility of damage to your vehicle, it is recommended that a three-prong extension cord be used.
  • The University does not assume any responsibility for damage, expense or inconvenience caused by interrupted power supply to any car heater outlet.

The plug will provide power at 100% for the first 2 minutes after the car is plugged in and then shut off for the initial delay period of 2.05 hrs. This is because the engine is warm so supplying power for this time is a waste of energy. During this time frame the green light will be on but the block heater or car warmer will not be, which may cause some confusion.