Residence Parking

  • Voyageur Place consists of four Residence Halls: Athabasca Hall, Saskatchewan Hall, Qu'Appelle Hall and Qu'Appelle Hall Addition.
  • McEown Park consists of four Residence Halls: Assiniboine Hall, Seager Wheeler Hall, Souris Hall and Wollaston Hall.
  • College Quarter consists of four Residence Halls: Aspen Hall, Birch Hall, Pine Hall and Spruce Hall.
  • Graduate House
  • Sheptytsky Institute (apply through your residence office to be placed on list, then attend Parking Services)
  • Lutheran Residence  (apply through your residence office to be placed on list, then attend Parking Services)

Resident students DO NOT apply to the student parking online sale.  One permit per student.

 Voyageur Place, McEown Park, College Quarter and Graduate House parking information

 Parking Tips!

  1. Vehicles cannot be parked at any time on University property without valid plates.  It is unlawful to park a motor vehicle which is not duly licensed and insured on University property at any time. Vehicles with expired plates will be towed to the contract towing company's compound. The owner will be responsible for all towing and storage charges incurred during this period. 
  2. You cannot plug into a stall that your vehicle is not parked at.  Do not run an extension cord to another plug in (used or not) or the building.  This is against the bylaws and carries a fine of a minimum of $100
  3. Pay lots operate 24/7, 365 days per year. If you choose to park in a pay lot, you must pay the appropriate fee to exit. Pay lots are monitored at all times by video surveillance.
  4. What are the operating time of meters?  Please see meter time limits and rates.
  5. Can I park in non-designated areas, disabled stalls or stalls otherwise marked after hours?  NO, this is in effect 24/7, 365 days per year even if all the stalls are empty. They are reserved all of the time and no parking is always no parking.
  6. Snow clearing:  Signs will be posted in advance, designating when snow clearing shall commence. All vehicles must be removed from the lot during this period. NO EXCEPTIONS! Alternative parking during this time is the owner's responsibility and at the owner's expense. If you are absent during winter months with your vehicle parked in the lot, you MUST make advance arrangements for someone to move your vehicle for snow clearing. Your vehicle must have a permit and must be duly licensed at all times. If any of these conditions are not met, the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense. Again, this can be very expensive especially if you are away for a long period of time.
  7. Can I get a refund if I no longer require parking? Yes. Any unused full calendar months can be refunded; however, you would lose the benefit of having purchased at a longer term reduced rate and there will be an administrative fee as well. There will be no refund for the last month of any contract. The permit is required at time of refund.
  8. Can I pay for violations online? Yes, with a valid credit card (Visa or Mastercard), you may pay online for violations ONLY at You will require both the violation number and your vehicle plate number to complete payment.

We hope these tips will help you make smart parking decisions but if you are ever in doubt, please use the HELP button at all pay station exits or call us at 966-4502. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you in whatever way they can. 


You must comply with the Snow Clearing Policy

IPLC's (Intelligent Parking Lot Controller)

  • These are the units that are attached to your electrical outlets.
  • These units have two lights, a green and a red.
  • A flashing green light means that the receptacle has power present.
  • If you plug in and the light changes to solid green it means that you are within the wattage limits of the device and there are no wiring errors in your vehicle. So power is getting to your vehicle.
  • A flashing red light, means that no power is getting to your vehicle. You have exceeded the wattage limits or may have a short circuit in YOUR wiring.
  • A solid red light means that no power is getting to your vehicle. You have exceeded the wattage limits or the device may be faulty.
  • In the interest of personal safety, and to reduce the possibility of damage to your vehicle, it is recommended that a three-prong extension cord be used.
  • The University does not assume any responsibility for damage, expense or inconvenience caused by interrupted power supply to any car heater outlet.

The plug will provide power at 100% for the first 2 minutes after the car is plugged in and then shut off for the initial delay period of 2.05 hrs. This is because the engine is warm so supplying power for this time is a waste of energy. During this time frame the green light will be on but the block heater or car warmer will not be, which may cause some confusion.