Student Permit Prices


S lot    Located on Innovation Blvd electrified $357.14 + GST (September-April)
Y lot Located on East Road (off Preston) electrified $357.14 + GST (September-April)
Stadium Parkade Located off College Drive some electrified $441.90 + GST (September-April)
Lot 7  Located on Campus Drive  not electrified  $280.95 + GST (September-April) 
Lot 15 Located at Preston & College Drive not electrified $280.95 + GST (September-April)
Q lot  Located on East Road (off Preston) electrified $357.14 + GST (September-April)

Night permits which allow parking in non gated lots after 17:00 hours, may be purchased throughout the school year at Place Riel Information Kiosk or from Parking and Transportation Services. Please see night parking.