Students Living in Residence

Resident Students include:

  • Voyageur Place consists of four Residence Halls: Athabasca Hall, Saskatchewan Hall, Qu'Appelle Hall and Qu'Appelle Hall Addition.
  • McEown Park consists of four Residence Halls: Assiniboine Hall, Seager Wheeler Hall, Souris Hall and Wollaston Hall.
  • College Quarter consists of four Residence Halls: Aspen Hall, Birch Hall, Pine Hall and Spruce Hall.
  • Sheptytsky Institute (apply through your residence office to be placed on list, then attend Parking Services)
  • Lutheran Residence  (apply through your residence office to be placed on list, then attend Parking Services)

Voyageur Place Residents and Sheptytsky residents (excepting RA's and early arrivals)  may purchase parking in Stadium Parkade for the upcoming year after August 29, 2014 at Parking and Transportation Services, 72 Campus Drive, from 08:00 - 16:30 hours. A valid student card and vehicle registration is required at time of parking purchase. Availability may be limited, so please apply as soon as possible.

  • Cost of resident parking will be $470.00 (no GST) (September-April).
  • Parking will be provided on all levels of the parkade. There are 259 electrified stalls (spread throughout) and can be used by resident students, however there is no guarantee that an electrified stall will be available.
  • Must be entered in at least one class by student pick up deadline (September annually) in order to purchase parking.
  • Resident students must be on the list provided by the Residence Office or Affliated College Resident Office.   The vehicle they are driving must be registered to either themselves or their parents. No exceptions.

 McEown Park,  College Quarter and Graduate House 

Resident students living in McEown Park, Graduate House or College Quarter may purchase parking at U Lot (located on Cumberland and 14th Street) beginning the last week of August. U lot has electrified scramble stalls. Application must be made in person at Parking and Transportation Services. Resident students must provide a valid student card and vehicle registration at time of permit purchase.

Lutheran Residents

  • will be accommodated in S lot (as space allows)
  • must be on the list provided to Parking Services by Lutheran


 Resident students do not enter the Online Sale.  One permit (any location) per student.

Top 10 Parking Tips!

  1. Vehicles cannot be parked at any time on University Property without valid plates.  Any vehicles left while owners are out of the country, for example, can and will be towed to a towing compound and all towing fees and storage will be the responsibility of the registerered owner.  Depending on the time involved, this can be very expensive.
  2. Can I use my AVI (automative vehicle identification tag) to assist another vehicle leaving the parkade?  No, you may not. For example, your vehicle is having mechanical problems and you require assistance of a tow truck or a boost from a friend or relative. That vehicle MUST take a ticket on entry and pay on exit. Even though they may not be actually parking, and are there only to assist, it is against the University bylaw to assist another vehicle in leaving the parkade without paying. If you use your AVI tag to do so, you will be in contravention of the bylaw ANTIPASS BACK and the assisting vehicle will be breaking the bylaw LEAVE LOT WITHOUT PAYING.  Each of these bylaws have a penalty of $250 and will be captured on video surveillance. In addition to the penalty, your parking privilege may be revoked.
  3. Paylots operate 24/7, 365 days per year. If you choose to park in a pay lot, you must pay the appropriate fee to exit. Again, lots are monitored at all times by video surveillance.
  4. Can I park at meters after hours?  Yes, if you follow the operating times carefully. All meters are in operation from 7am-10 pm Monday-Saturday. After 10 pm, Monday-Saturday and Sundays and statutory holidays, meters are free of charge.
  5. Can I park in non-designated areas, disabled stalls or stalls otherwise marked after hours?  NO, this is in effect 24/7, 365 days per year even if all the stalls are empty. They are reserved all of the time and no parking is always no parking.
  6. Stadium Parkade permit holders must know that there is a disclaimer that states there is no guarantee of parking even though you have paid for parking in this lot. The disclaimer states that permit holders must find alternate parking, at their own cost, if the lot is full. This happens only 2-3 days per year and both occasions are usually in September or October for large special events like Experience Us. Stadium Parkade is designated as visitor parking and we cannot stop users from using the parkade and we have no way to limit access to permit holders only, therefore as part of the parking contract, this disclaimer exists.
  7. Snow clearing:  Signs will be posted in advance, designating when snow clearing shall commence. All vehicles must be removed from the lot during this period. NO EXCEPTIONS! Alternative parking during this time is the owner's responsibility and at the owner's expense. If you are absent during winter months with your vehicle parked in the lot, you MUST make advance arrangements for someone to move your vehicle for snow clearing. Your vehicle must have a permit and must be duly licensed at all times. If any of these conditions are not met, the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense. Again, this can be very expensive especially if you are away for a long period of time.
  8. Can I get a refund if I no longer require parking? Yes, all UNUSED calendar months can be refunded; however, you would lose the benefit of having purchased at a longer term reduced rate and there will be an administrative fee as well. We do NOT refund the last month of any contract.
  9. Can I use my U lot or Stadium Parkade permit on campus at night?  Yes, you can. Your permit, which must be properly displayed at all times, will be valid in all non gated lots after 5 pm, and in all student lots after 4 pm. Please see parking werbsite under night parking for specific locations. This does NOT include meters, pay lots, pay by space or private lots such as NRC or Canada Agriculture at any time.
  10. Can I pay for violations online? Yes, with a valid credit card, you may pay online for violations ONLY at You will require both the violation number and your vehicle plate number to complete payment.

We hope these tips will help you make smart parking decisions but if you are ever in doubt, please use the HELP button at all pay station exits or call us at 966-4502. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you in whatever way they can.