Court Process

The Registered Owner of the vehicle will receive a summons to Provincial Court by mail. This will be approximately 4 weeks after receiving the ticket.  The summons indicates a court date and specified time. This court date is for PLEA only. This  means that if you wish to contest the violation (plead not guilty) a trial date will be set at that time. You will not be allowed to address the issue at plea court. The registered owner may appoint someone else (such as the driver) to make a plea on their behalf and have a trial date set. The registered owner must be present for the trial date.

Once a trial date is set, you cannot arbitrarily change this date, it must be done through the court. Legal representation is not required for this court. The process is somewhat informal and you may appear on your own behalf. The Crown (meaning the University) will present their case (the officer who wrote the ticket will testify as to the issuing of the ticket) and any other evidence that they may have and then you will have the opportunity to present your case to the Justice. At that time, you may introduce any evidence, pictures or testimony that you believe may assist your case. You may request disclosure from the University by contacting the Bylaw Prosecutor at 306- 966 4507. Each side will be allowed to examine evidence and question any testimony given. Once the Justice has heard both sides of the case, a decision will be rendered which is legally binding to both parties.

If you are found guilty at trial but you wish to have your case heard at a higher court, you will have to follow the required Appeal process. Appeal packages can be obtained at the time of conviction or you may obtain same by contacting the University Bylaw Prosecutor at 306-966-4507. The Appeal process is very strict and you must follow all criteria in this process as well as all time restrictions. All costs related to said appeal are the responsibility of the registered owner. 

If you wish Fine Option (working Community service) or a reasonable Time To Pay, you must request same at court. Failure to appear will result in a conviction and the loss of the ability to request either of these options. 

Once you have been granted Fine Option or Time To Pay by the court, this becomes a court order and you may not have an extension of time without re-applying to the court. It is not within the University's power to simply extend this date, it must be done in court and must be requested in advance by calling the Court Coordinator (306-966-4507) prior to end date.

The Court does not give extensions easily or lightly, so be prepared to honor your court order.

Court is located at 224 4th Avenue South, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in  the First Nations Bank Buiding on the 9th floor in Courtroom #2

Deemed Convicted

Once you are deemed convicted and have failed to appear in court, you are required to request a re-opening hearing (Deemed Conviction Re-0pen form) which may or may not be granted. Convictions that have passed one year will NOT be re-opened.