Healthcare Professionals

Do you have a patient to refer to us? Please use our referral form to begin the process.

MAC provides comprehensive medication assessments and education for your patients. It's an initiative run by faculty and students at the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition. 
  • Proven patient impact - more than 4 drug therapy recommendations made per patient referred to MAC by family physicians in Saskatoon. 
  • Saves you time - let us sort through complex drug regimens and drug history, natural health products, and over-the-counter medications.
  • Assessment forms faxed directly to you - Contains recommendations to optimize medication regiments
  • FREE - no cost to patients, includes free underground parking
  • Valued by physicians and patients - "The letters were very practical and the outcomes were very good." "...prior to that medication assessment I could not walk from the kitchen to the car without having to stop 3 times."

How do you refer a patient?

Healthcare professionals can refer their patients to the MAC by either completing and faxing a referral form, by contacting the MAC office by phone, or by electronic referral through the MedAccess EMR.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should you refer?
  • Patients taking 5 of more medications (including OTCs and natural products)
  • Patients who are new to your care with a complex history
  • Anyone experiencing potential drug related adverse effects
  • Patients with multiple drug related questions
  • Pateints with chronic diseases (DM, HTN, chronic pain, etc.)
  • Anyone that you think would benefit from talking to a MAC pharmacist.
What if my practice is outside Saskatoon?
You can still refer patients to our clinic if your practice is outside of Saskatoon. While the majority of assessments are done in person, we also conduct phone assessments for patients that are unable to come to the MAC.