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Pharmacists and Nutritionists know that it takes a team to make great things happen. After all, excellence in health care only happens when all providers (pharmacists, nutritionists, physicians and nurses) focus on a common purpose.

Our understanding of the importance of teamwork has enabled students and faculty research teams to contribute significantly to the discovery and application of knowledge in our two disciplines. It has enabled College and community partnerships that improve quality of life in our communities. It has resulted in some important partnerships and collaborations, locally, nationally, and internationally.

And, together with our many alumni and friends, it has resulted in a strong tradition of commitment to supporting the excellence of the College. This tradition of giving has made a profound and lasting contribution to the College’s reputation of excellence. Our success lies in the acts of generosity of those who have supported the College in the past so that we may continue to have a promising future.

Today, the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition continues to rely on the generosity of alumni and friends, not only to maintain its standards of excellence, but to exceed them. Because tuition alone does not cover the depth and breadth of a University of Saskatchewan competitive education, your gift is essential to continue to provide the resources the College needs to continue providing unparalleled educational experiences for our students. Invest in Excellence! Make your gift today!