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College holds a reception for students and instructors from Hawassa University’s Masters in Applied Human Nutrition program at the Micronutrient Forum Global Conference

Hawassa Reception

The College of Pharmacy and Nutrition held a get-together at the Micronutrient Forum Global Conference from June 2-6 in Addis Ababa with 35 of our former graduates from the Masters in Applied Human Nutrition (MAHN) at Hawassa University. Drs. Carol Henry and Susan Whiting organized the get-together, with several faculty members (international and local) joining them.

The MAHN program is the first in Ethiopia, and through this program, the College and Hawassa University are making a difference in increasing the visibility and profile of nutrition in Ethiopia. One of the students who spoke noted that HU graduates have participated in every major policy and implementation program related to nutrition and improving malnutrition and food security since its inception 2007. Beyond teaching 2-courses, Clinical Nutrition (Dr. Gord Zello) and Community nutrition (Drs. Carol Henry and Susan Whiting), the College is engaged in capacity building for the MAHN program, as faculty/staff mentors, and have co-authored many publications with the local HU staff.  The School of Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, was recently named a Center of Excellence in Nutrition, one of only two centers in Africa.

Two of the current MAHN graduates received the Deans Graduate Scholarship and are completing their PhD in Nutrition at the U of S with Drs. Carol Henry and Susan Whiting. Graduates of the program are positioned as faculty members in at least five universities, in policy divisions, Federal government, World Food Program, other NGOs, etc.