Program Accreditation

(last updated June 24, 2015)

new_paragraph Program Guidelines for CPD for Pharmacists: Newly revised September 2014 -- The program guidelines have been newly revised, CPDP has changed its policy on accepting program proposals for accredition.  ***The program provider must have a pharmacist as part of the planning committee who will be involved with the formation of the Learning Objectives for each presentation, and who is able to show the relevance to the practice of pharmacy as part of the proposal submission.  These guidelines apply to both Corporate organizations and Health Organizations; to access and read the full document in pdf format, please click on the link.

new_paragraph Submitting a program for Accreditation -- Please complete the Program Evaluation Form and submit it, in conjunction with all supporting materials, electronically to Lisa Bagonluri, Office Manager, at for accreditation of your program.  The Program Evaluation form is in Word format.  The following is a breakdown of the costs associated with the accreditation of your program:

$75 accreditation fee for private industry if program is more than 3 weeks away

$100 accreditation fee for private industry if program is less than 3 weeks away

$100 administration fee for us to handle printing, and mail out, plus cost recovery for mailing and printing

$50 administration fee for us to look after the registrations for the program

$50 administration fee for us to do an email distribution for the program and to post the program information on the CPDP website.


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