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(last updated March 10, 2014)

April 1st is an important date... Any CEUs earned April 1st or later can be used for the current licensing year OR used towards the next year's license.

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bullet New Dalhousie University -- MOOC for Health Professionals
"My Big Fat Gut Reaction: Ethical Decision-Making for Health Care Professionals". This is a free online course that is open to any health professional.  It is Instructor facilitated and is a Cerficate Track program.  This course runs over 3 weeks ending March 31, 2014. To sign up for this lesson, go to their website

 bullet Mylan Learning Centre
"Contraception: questions and answers for the pharmacist". A CCCEP accredited lesson that is valid until August 15, 2014. This lesson is approved for 1.5 CEUs.
You may view this lesson and others at their website

bullet Current and Future Therapies for the Management of Chronic Constipation By Marisa Battistella, Pharm D
CCCEP# 1065-2012-388-I-P * Not valid for CE Credits after January 19, 2015. This lesson is approved for 2.0 CEUs.
View the lesson and answer online here <$B7gKjUB8hO50DQgdHiWU/lesson>
Upon successfully completing this lesson, the pharmacist will be able to:
1. Discuss the prevalence of chronic constipation and the impact that it has on patients' quality of life 2. Understand the etiology and pathophysiology of chronic constipation 3. Understand the most common symptoms pertaining to this condition and the patient's level of satisfaction with current therapies 4. Describe the risks and benefits in the management strategies, both non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic, for chronic constipation 5. Discuss a new prescription option for the management of chronic constipation.

Other CPD Resources:

CCCEP Accredited Psoriasis Newsletter
Developed by a Pharmacist and a Dermatologist. Called "New Facts: For Managing an Old Disease", it is a 12-page document and contains learning objectives, a pre- and post quiz, and counselling tips for patients. There does not appear to be an expiration date, you may view the newsletter in pdf format.

CPhA: Canadian Pharmacists Association
For the last 2 years CPDP has offered the CPhA home study series. Starting in 2006, CPDP will no longer be offering this yearly series. You can access the lessons directly from CPhA. You do not have to be a member of CPhA to buy the lessons, but you do have to register.

Canadian Pharmacist's Letter
Unbiased Evidence and Advice for the Pharmacist on New Developments in Drug Therapy
Offers CE programs. Do not "have" to be a subscriber, BUT there is a charge for the CE. All CE is accredited by Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) which is accepted in SK/Canada. (Watch CEU values as they are accredited as .1 CEU/hr not 1.0 CEU/hr as in Canada. Remember to change CEUs earned to Canadian value when claiming CEUs.)

Canadian Healthcare Network
There is a new CE lesson on Type 2 Diabetes & Chronic Kidney Disease, it is worth 2.0 CEUs, to see it go to The Canadian Healthcare Network.

Continuing Pharmacy Professional Development - University of British Columbia
Here's a link for their continuing professional development for pharmacists.
  They have lessons available on their website.

Practice Development - University of Alberta
Here's a link for their Distance Learning Courses for Pharmacists (web-based as well as some print lessons).

Diabetes Education for Health Professionals
Diabetes Education for Health Care Professionals (formerly Advanced Diabetes Education for Health Care Providers) is an advanced certificate program that prepares health care providers and professionals with the knowledge, judgment, skills and attitudes needed to meet the health care needs of individuals with diabetes. You will learn how to practice in accordance with the Primary Health Care Model using primary prevention strategies and the population health approach to disease prevention.
The Tuition Program is open to both Saskatoon Health Region employees and community-based health professionals. The Saskatoon Health Region Diabetes Strategy has funding available for tuition and materials support for the Advanced Diabetes Education for Health Care Providers Program.
To get more information, please see the SIAST website

Advanced Diabetes Education for Health Care Providers
Distance Education Offering
Program Provider: SIAST Campus. Diabetes Education for Health Care Providers (formerly Basic Diabetes Education for Health Care Providers) is an applied certificate program that prepares health care providers with the knowledge, judgment, skills and attitudes needed to meet the health care needs of individuals with diabetes.
For more information, go to the SIAST website

OCP: Ontario College of Pharmacists
OCP offers Independent CE for Pharmacists. (on the left hand side, scroll down and click on CE for Pharmacists for their list of courses, etc.)

Ontario Pharmacists' Association (OPA)
A professional association of pharmacists in Ontario, that promotes excellence in pharmacy practice, business innovation, and wellness. There is an Education tab, close to the top of their web-page. It offers a link to Live Programs, Web-based Programs, and Webinar Programs. Currently there is are a few programs on their site: i) Vitamin D in Osteoporosis ii) Diabetes Patient Care - Level 1 iii) Obesity program. OPA website

CCCEP: The Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy Cdn Flag
The national coordinating and accrediting body for continuing pharmacy education in Canada.

PHCentral (PHC) (American site with information on Pulmonary Hypertension)
I nternet resource for pulmonary hypertension-related information for patients, caregivers, and Medical Professionals

Powerpak CE
Full-service healthcare communications company providing information and on-line CE programs and webinars to healthcare professionals and consumers.

Canadian Health Care Network
This organization has taken over the Pharmacy Gateway site and changed it somewhat.. Through this website you can continue to access continuing professional development lessons. If you are registered for Pharmacy Gateway CE Online, you are automatically registered with the Canadian HealthCare Network. Use your existing (Pharmacy Gateway) online email and password to enter the Canadian Healthcare Network site. All lessons are accredited by CCCEP, for each lesson there is a test and results can be given immediately, you can print a page as documented proof you passed the test and earned the number of CEUs assigned to each program. Web site

Offers free, accredited (by CCCEP) online CPD.
Website: , RxBriefCase "Programs Now Available" Page. Go to this website for a full list of courses.

ACCP: American College of Clinical Pharmacy (American site)
ACCP is a professional & scientific society that provides leadership, education, advocacy, and resources enabling clinical pharmacists to achieve excellence in practice and research. From their Education page you can find a link to an online Education centre, here there are ACCP publications available and offered for CE credit, as well as a link to Free CE programs
A link to their On Line Education Centre offerings:

Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy (American site)
The goal of the commission is to promote excellence in Geriatric health care through education and certification to American and International candidates. Part of the reason for certification is the emergence of public awareness of medication-related problems. The belief is, that if a pharmacist is a Geriatric Certified Pharmacist, he or she has demonstrated knowledge and skills in geriatric pharmaceutical care and will be better prepared to advise patients on their drug therapy needs. CCGP believes this is becoming more important as the baby-boomer demographic moves to the older, at-risk age group; as well many pharmacists are in direct contact daily with elderly patient populations. CCGP provides a self-assessment program; the Self-Assessment Exam (SAE) was designed to help pharmacists measure their knowledge and skills in geriatric pharmacy practice, as well as to help candidates prepare for the Certification Examination in Geriatric Pharmacy. To obtain certification an exam must be written, it is now available as Computer-Based Testing and conducted by a testing service approved by CCGP, one of which is located in Saskatoon. For more information, see the website.

Medscape (American site)
The site provides CME Continuing Education, as well, Medscape is accredited by ACPE to provide Continuing Pharmacy Education (CE). website

NCPA: National Community Pharmacists Association (American site)
Represents the pharmacist owners, managers, and employees of independent community pharmacies across the United States. The site has changed slightly, pharmacists are now re-directed to "pharmacist e-link" for Continuing Education where pharmacists have to log-in or register before access is allowed. website

WorldWideLearn (American site)
This is an Online Directory of Education, a listing of American CE programs that can be accessed on-line and are accredited for ACPE credits, or Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. These are accepted in SK/Canada. (Watch CEU values as they are accredited as .1 CEU/hr not 1.0 CEU/hr as in Canada. Remember to change CEUs earned to the Canadian value when claiming CEUs.) Website


****CPDP is no longer offering new Home Study Lessons now that the 2005 series have expired.****
As you know, the Home Study Lessons we use to send out had been available nationally and were co-sponsored by CCCEP. However, CCCEP is no longer a supplier of lessons for CPDP to distribute. Rather, lessons are provided free-of-charge on a CD from CPhA to all pharmacists in Canada (with the CPhA Journal). A pharmacists can then do the lessons and submit the post-test for marking to CPhA, or just do the lesson and write up a learning project record sheet. These lessons are also available on CPhA's website.

It did not seem appropriate for CPDP to reprint these lessons and mail them, because we would have to charge the pharmacists more for the printing, mailing and marking than they would have to pay for doing the lessons & submitting them to CPhA (or not). We would also have to pay a royalty fee to re-print/mark the lessons.

There are also no new lessons available from Manitoba (our other source of Home Study Lessons sold under the name "Communication" Home Study Lessons). There are many additional home study lessons available in Pharmacy Journals (or on their websites) or over the internet (RxBriefcase for example). Therefore, it has been decided not to offer any new printed Home Study lessons through CPDP -- the costs are just too prohibitive and sales have been declining because of the wide number of available home study opportunities.

Disclaimer: The content on this site is for information and educational purposes ONLY. The mention of a website on this site DOES NOT imply any endorsement by CPDP. CPDP does not endorse any organization, product or therapy.

If you have any problems with the quality, etc. of CE that has been posted on this webpage please email or call at 306-966-6350.

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