About the NRVC

Who We Are

The Nutrition Resource and Volunteer Centre (NRVC) of the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition was initiated in September, 1996. Our goals are to:

  • Support dietitians and nutritionists and others in their nutrition education efforts
  • Develop and deliver nutrition education programs and resources to select target groups
  • Provide nutrition students with valuable and meaningful experiences
  • Develop nutrition education resources for use by consumers and health professionals
  • Undertake major projects of interest to the Centre for other organizations and individuals.
  • Act as a clearinghouse for nutrition resources and materials

What We Do


  • Accepts requests from dietitians, nutritionists, and others for assistance in resource development or for community presentations. Requests may be for assistance in developing a pamphlet, game, or other resource or to give a presentation on healthy eating and related topics.
  • Initiates projects of interest to the Centre. Current projects include our Healthy Recipes Project, Be Smart, Eat Smart Program, and our Summer Fun Food Camp.
  • Collects and houses a variety of nutrition-related resources that may be purchased or borrowed (depending on the resource). These include educational materials, audiotapes, videos, and books.

How We Do It

We train and support volunteers to work on projects. Our Nutrition Student volunteers (NSVs) are third and fourth year and graduate students in Nutrition. Our Healthy Eating Volunteers (HEVs) are members of the general public who have been trained to promote health eating in the community.

Volunteers are matched to projects based on their skills, interests, and desires. Projects are supervised by Centre staff and/or other dietitians and nutritionists in the community.



For further information, please contact the NRVC:

Phone: (306) 966-5846
Fax: (306) 966-6377

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