Prospective Undergraduate Students

General Information

"To prepare students to enter professions related to pharmacy and human nutrition by offering high quality, challenging undergraduate programs"

is our College's goal in undergraduate education. We offer the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (B.S.P.)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (B.Sc.[Nutrition])

About Our Undergraduate Programs

  • B.S.P. and B.Sc.(Nutrition) degrees lead to excellent career opportunities and rewarding, challenging careers.
  • "Internships" or what we term "structured/professional practice experiences" are included in both programs.
  • "Structured/professional practice experiences" give students the chance to apply the knowledge they are gaining out in the field with professional Pharmacists and Dietitians/Nutritionists.
  • "Structured/professional practice experiences" enable students to get almost immediate registration as a professional Pharmacist or Dietitian upon graduation (following completion of licensing exams).
  • Both of our programs are fully accredited by national accrediting bodies.

The College has approved disability accommodation procedures and policy documents. The purposes of these documents are as follows:

  1. To outline the procedures which students with disabilities, who are applying to the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy or Bachelor of Science in Nutrition program or who are accepted into the one of those programs, are to follow regarding the registration of a disability.
  2. To outline the process for the provision of accommodation in the admission process as well as the provision of accommodation in the classroom, laboratory and structured practice experiences or internship settings. 

Policy (PDF)
Procedures (PDF)

We welcome your inquiries! For more information on undergraduate programs, please call (306) 966-6327 or e-mail