Graduate Program in Pharmacy


Online applications are accepted for graduate study in pharmacy at any time during the year. Graduate programs usually begin in September; however, students may also apply to begin their programs in January or May.

Students are encouraged to identify and contact a potential supervising faculty member that fits their research interests prior to application. Current information on faculty and specific research programs can be found on our College website at the following web address:

What graduate degrees are available?

  • Master’s of Science in Pharmacy program, of approximately 24 months duration
  • Ph.D. in Pharmacy program of approximately 4 years duration

Pharmacy Graduate Faculty (Faculty Considering Students)

Dr. Jane Alcorn Ontogeny of Drug Clearance Mechanisms, Pharmacokinetics
Dr. Ildiko Badea Macromolecules As Therapeutic Agents, Novel Delivery Systems and Interactions with Genetic Material
Dr. David Blackburn* Primary/Ambulatory Care, Pharmacoepidemiology
Dr. J.R. Dimmock Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Roy Dobson* Organization of Health Care Providers, Health Care Systems, Health Economics
Dr. Anas El-Aneed Applied Mass Spectrometry, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Substance Abuse
Dr. Jim Fang Drug Metabolism and Disposition, Cytochrome P450
Dr. Azita Haddadi PLGA nanoparticles, cancer, chemo-immunotherapy, vaccines, targeted delivery
Dr. David Hill Not currently accepting graduate students
Pharmacy Education, Pharmacy Practice Change
Dr. Derek Jorgenson* Pharmacists in Primary Care, Practice Change, Collaborative Practice, Interprofessional Education
Dr. Ed Krol Toxicology, Antioxidants, Chemoprevention, Physical-Organic Chemistry
Dr. Kerry Mansell* Pharmacotherapy in Endocrinology, Glucose Self-Monitoring, Glucose Effects on Glycemia, Prescriptive Authority
Dr. Adil Nazarali Cellular and Molecular Neurology, Developmental Biology, Biotechnology
Dr. Jason Perepelkin Entrepreneurship, Management, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing
Dr. Alfred (Fred) Rémillard * Psychopharmacology, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacoeconomics
Dr. Yvonne Shevchuk* Antibiotics, Infectious Disease, Pharmacotherapy, Drug Information
Dr. Linda Suveges* Nonprescription Drugs, Consumer Behaviour, Continuing Education
Dr. Jeff Taylor* Community Pharmacy Practice, Nonprescription Drugs
Dr. Jian Yang Structural Biochemistry, Drug Design

 *Please note:  applicants wishing to study with Drs. Jorgenson, Mansell, Rémillard or Shevchuk must be eligible for licensure as a Pharmacist in Saskatchewan.  Applicants wishing to study with Drs. Blackburn, Dobson, Suveges or Taylor may require such licensure, depending on the nature of the graduate research project undertaken.


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We welcome your inquiries! For more information on graduate programs, please call (306) 966-6327 or e-mail