Research Faculty

Dr. Jane AlcornOntogeny of Drug Clearance Mechanisms, Pharmacokinetics
Dr. Ildiko BadeaMacromolecules As Therapeutic Agents, Novel Delivery Systems and Interactions with Genetic Material
Dr. Brian BandyNutritional Biochemistry, Bioenergetics
Dr. Shawna BerenbaumCommunity Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Dietetics
Dr. David BlackburnPharmacoepidemiology, Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
Dr. Hector CarunchoIdentification of biomarkers of mental disorders; neural plasticity alterations in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder
Dr. Roy T. DobsonOrganization of Health Care Providers, Health Care Systems, Health Economics
Dr. Anas El-AneedApplied Mass Spectrometry, Substance Abuse, Prescription Drug Abuse, Knowledge Exchange
Dr. Charity EvansMultiple Sclerosis, Pharmacoepidemiology and Medication Adherence
Dr. Jim FangDrug Metabolism and Disposition, Cytochrome P450
Dr. Azita HaddadiPLGA nanoparticles, cancer, chemo-immunotherapy, vaccines, targeted delivery
Dr. Carol HenryNutrition Intervention, Foodservice Administration
Dr. David HillPharmacy Education, Pharmacy Practice Change
Dr. Derek JorgensonPharmacists in Primary Care, Practice Change, Collaborative Practice, Interprofessional Education
Dr. Ed KrolToxicology, Antioxidants, Chemoprevention, Physical-Organic Chemistry
Dr. Holly MansellTransplantation Clinical Pharmacy
Dr. Kerry MansellPharmacotherapy in Endocrinology, Glucose Self-Monitoring, Glucose Effects on Glycemia, Prescriptive Authority
Dr. Adil NazaraliCellular and Molecular Neurology, Developmental Biology, Biotechnology
Dr. Phyllis PatersonNutritional Regulation of Antioxidant Defense in Stroke
Dr. Jason PerepelkinEntrepreneurship, Management, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing
Dr. Alfred RémillardPsychopharmacology, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacoeconomics
Dr. Thomas RotterHealth Quality Improvement Sciences
Dr. Yvonne ShevchukAntibiotics, Infectious Disease, Pharmacotherapy, Drug Information
Dr. Linda SuvegesNonprescription Drugs, Consumer Behaviour, Continuing Education
Dr. Jeff TaylorCommunity Pharmacy Practice, Nonprescription Drugs
Dr. Hassan VatanparastNutritional Epidemiology, Public Heath, Nutrition and Chronic Diseases
Dr. Ellen WasanDrug Delivery, Biophysical Pharmacy, Formulation Design and Pharmacokinetics
Dr. Kishor WasanDrug Delivery, Biophysical Pharmacy, Formulation Design and Pharmacokinetics
Dr. Susan WhitingClinical Nutrition, Toxicology, Epidemiology, Osteoporosis
Dr. Jian YangStructural Biochemistry, Drug Design
Dr. Gordon ZelloMetabolism, Clinical Nutrition, Dietary Assessment
Professors Emeritus
Dr. J.R. DimmockMedicinal Chemistry
Dr. Dennis GoreckiDrug Metabolism and Disposition, Cytochrome P450
Dr. Gord McKayDrug Metabolism, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Toxicology
Adjunct Professors
Dr. Joan Bobyn Dietary Intake of Canadians, Interprofessional Health Education and Research
Dr. Wendy Dahl Functional Foods, Food Modifications in Long-term Care, Folate Nutrition, Synbiotic Therapy
Dr. Marianna FoldvariBionanotechnology, Nanomedicine
Dr. Pawel Grochulski Structural Crystallography of Proteins, Structural Biology, Rational Drug Design
Dr. Cyril KendallClinical Nutrition, Risk Factor Modification
Dr. Praveen Kumar Pharmaceutical Sciences, Industrial Pharmacy
Dr. Kamal K. Midha Drug Analyis, Metabolism, Disposition, Bioequivalence, Pharmacokinetics
Dr. Jonathan Naylor D-Lactic/Organic Ion Acidosis, Surgical Techniques, Teaching Methodologies
Dr. John PatienceNutrient Utilization in Swine
Dr. Dan RamdathInternational Nutrition, Health Promotion, Chronic Disease Management
Dr. Hugh A. SemplePharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Drug Metabolism, Toxicology
Dr. Tanya Verrall Quality of Health Care, Pediatric Obesity
Dr. Paul Wood Drug Development, Pharmaceutical Industry
Clinical Assistant Professors
Christopher Arnold Quality of Health Care, Pediatric Obesity
Dr. Piera T. CalissiPharmaceutical Care, Optimizing Drug Therapy in Renal Disease
Jean ColemanEducation of Nutrition Professionals
Stephanie Cook Clinical Nutrition Research
Barb L. EvansClinical Research, Pharmaceutical Care, Respiratory Medicine, Transplantaion
Natasha HaskeyDietetics Education, Pediatrics, Prebiotics and Probiotics
Dr. Luiza Kent-SmithClinical Nutrition and Nutrition Management Practice
Roseann Nasser Clinical Nutrition Research
Dr. C. Jane Richardson Drug Therapies in Geriatric Patients, Pharmacokinetics
Dr. William M. SemchukCardiovascular Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Care Studies
Brenda J.Q. ThiessenPharmaceutical Care, Antibiotics, Total Parenteral Nutrition, Critical Care