Jacqueline Huck

Secretary to the Dean

Thorvaldson 116.5
Phone: 306-966-6328
Fax: 306-966-6377

Ms. Huck joined the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition as a Clerk Steno II and currently holds the position of Secretary to the Dean of Pharmacy and Nutrition.

The key role of Ms. Huck’s position is to maintain an efficiently run College Office, assisting the Dean, faculty, staff and students to ensure work processes proceed smoothly and that a good working relationship is maintained with the University community, the profession and the general public.

Her main responsibilities and duties include human resources and supervisory functions; Dean’s reception and College Office organization; wordprocessing for the Dean, Associate Dean and Graduate Chair, and Assistant Dean; undergraduate and graduate programs; financial affairs; College reports, records and committees; College facilities, resources and services; external relations; and special projects and duties. She is a member of the College’s Administrative Affairs Committee.