Dr. J.R. Dimmock

D.Sc., Ph.D. (London), F.C.I.C.
Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy

216 Thorvaldson
Phone: 306-966-6331
Fax: 306-966-6377

Dr. Dimmock came to the College from England in 1967 after a four-year stint as a research chemist in the United Kingdom industrial sector. Prior to his retirement and appointment as Professor Emeritus, Dr. Dimmock taught undergraduate courses in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design. He received the University of Saskatchewan Students Union Teaching Excellence Award in 1998, and in 2002 was honoured with the appointment of Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy.

  • Research Interests

Chief areas of pharmaceutical interest include design, synthesis and bioevaluation of cyclic and acyclic Mannich bases as candidate cytotoxic and anticancer agents.

Recent research studies involve synthesis of Mannich bases of alpha-ß-unsaturated ketones as cytotoxic agents; X-ray crystallography of bioactive compounds; and design, synthesis and anticonvulsant evaluation of aryl semicarbazones.

  • Recent Publications (see more in Scopus)

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S.N. Pandeya and J.R. Dimmock, 1997. An Introduction to Drug Design, New Age International (P) Limited, Publishers, New Delhi.

  • Patents

J.R. Dimmock, 1998. Semicarbazones Having CNS Activity and Pharmaceutical Preparations Containing Same, US 5,741,818.

J.R. Dimmock, O.A. Phillips and R.A. Hickie, 1998. Aminostyryl Ketones, CAN 1,339,743.

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Medicinal Chemistry