Dr. Dennis Gorecki

Professor Emeritus


Dr. Gorecki joined the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition in 1978 as Director of the Pharmaceutical Research and Analysis Laboratory. He was appointed to the faculty as Associate Professor of Pharmacy in 1982 and became Dean of the College in 1998. He completed his second term as Dean in August 2009.

Dr. Gorecki is particularly interested in pharmacopeial standards and has served for many years on expert committees of the United States Pharmacopeia, an agency principally involved in developing standards for drugs and drug products.

  • Teaching Responsibilities

Dr. Gorecki teaches in courses related to pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical analysis.

  • Research Interests

Pharmaceutical and quality control analysis; pharmacopeial standards of drugs and dietary supplements; analysis of herbal and other natural plant products; and biopharmaceutical analysis.

Dr. Gorecki was Director of the Pharmaceutical Research and Analysis Laboratory, located in the College, for many years. PRAL analyzed drugs and related substances in pharmaceutical dosage forms, raw materials, natural health products and biological fluids. Particular emphasis was placed on analytical method development and evaluation especially for techniques that may be employed in official pharmacopeias, quality control testing and drug disposition studies.

Recent studies have involved chemical and biological properties of medicinal plant polygala senega L.; nutraceutical potential of brassica sprout extracts; disposition of teletamine and zolazepam in the polar bear; effects of deficiencies of zinc and taurine on prenatal and postnatal development of the retina; zinc-taurine interaction in fetal development; and analytical method development: drugs and related compounds in raw material and dosage forms.

Recent Publications (see more in Scopus)

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Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacopeia