Dr. Carol Henry

B.Sc. (Andrews University), M.Sc. (Loma Linda University), M.Ed. , Ph.D. (Univ. of Western Ontario)

Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics

Thorvaldson 218
Phone: 306-966-5833
Fax: 306-966-6377

Prior to joining the College in January 2000, Professor Henry was a lecturer, University Course Director and Dietetic Program Coordinator at Brescia University College, University of Western Ontario. She is a member of Canadian Society for Studies in Education, Dietitians of Canada, and American Dietetic Association. In 2002, Professor Henry was awarded a Dietitians of Canada Volunteer Recognition Award for leadership in the Caribbean-Canada Network, a professional network involving 16 English speaking Caribbean countries.

Teaching Responsibilities:
Undergraduate courses Quantity Food Production and Service, and Organization and Management of Foodservice Systems; team teach the graduate course Advances in Human Nutrition Research.

Research Interests:
School health – child nutrition, children’s literacy and health, adolescent health.
Community health – consumer literacy and health, and food security.
Food systems health – technologies and food service delivery systems.
Internalization health – organization of health service workers, internalization research/ projects, and networks.

Recent Publications:
C.J. Henry, A. Blunt, R. Dobson, S. Mangroo, D. Ramdath and S. Whiting, 2007. Communities and Universities Working Together for Children's Health, The University of Saskatchewan.

C. Henry, D. Allison and A. Garcia, accepted. “Beverage programs and child health and nutrition in elementary schools: A review of Literature”, AVANTE.

C.O. Lengyel, G.A. Zello, S. Berenbaum, C. Henry and S. Whiting, 2003. Resident’s Satisfaction with Food Service Delivery and Quality of Life in Long-term Care Facilities, Advances in Quality-of-life Theory and Research, Chapter 1.

S. Whiting, C. Henry, R. Coles and L. Humbert, E., 2004. F.U.E.L: A Nutrition Education Program for High School Students, American Dietetic Association Conference Proceedings, Anaheim CA.

C. Henry, D. Allison and A. Garcia, 2003. Child Nutrition Programs in Canada and the United States: A Comparative Approach, Journal of School Health, 72(2), 83-85.

A.C. Garcia and C. Henry, 2000. Community Participation in Nutrition Communication: Models and Linkage Systems for Management, Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Reseach, 61(2) Summer, 60-65.

A.C. Garcia, C. Henry and A. Zok, 2000. Peer Education in Nutrition for Students: Part 1: Programs Development and Progress Evaluation, Food Service Research International, 12(3), December.

D.J. Allison and C. Henry, 2000. Lost Opportunities, Forsaken Legacies: A Comparative Analysis of School-meals Program in Canada and Other Highly Developed Countries, Canadian Society for Studies of Higher Education Conference Proceedings.

Research Category Key Words:
Food Service Delivery, School Nutrition and Health, Child Nutrition.