An Act passed in 1892 established the North-West Territories Pharmaceutical Association as a legal and professional body. This act included the governing of Pharmacy in the territory now defined as Saskatchewan.

The Province of Saskatchewan was formed in 1905; however, pharmacy in Saskatchewan continued to be administered under the Act of the North-West Territories Pharmaceutical Association until 1911 when the Saskatchewan Pharmaceutical Association was formed.

The Canadian Pharmaceutical Association was formed in 1907 to deal with all aspects of Pharmacy on a national level. In 1913 the School of Pharmacy, University of Saskatchewan, was establish in the City of Saskatoon and organized under the directorship of Alexander Campbell. In 1921 the School became the College of Pharmacy and in 1946 the minimum educational requirement to be registered as a pharmacist in Saskatchewan was set at four years at the University, and graduation with the degree of Bachelor or Science in Pharmacy.

In 1987, the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy program was revised and one year of University training is now required prior to admission to the four-year Pharmacy program.

In 1987, the Division of Nutrition and Dietetics was established. Prior to this, programs in nutrition and dietetics were offered through the College of Home Economics.

In 1994, the name of the College was changed to the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition.