Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection

What is the University’s role regarding safety and environmental protection? 

  • University’s goal – to provide a place of employment and learning that is as free as possible from recognized hazards.  A safe and healthy environment is created and maintained through the provision of proper facilities, equipment, training, services and promotion of safety consciousness.  Please see  
  • University’s Workplace Responsibilities Systemoutlines obligations that all U of S employees, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and Regulations.  All faculty and staff are advised to read this document upon joining the University, and to know where they fit into the system.  Please see
  • University’s Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS) – a set of policies, procedures and processes to assist members of the University community to managing HSE issues.  For more information, see
  • University’s Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection Department (formerly Health, Safety and Environment) – provides leadership and services for creation and maintenance of healthy, safe environment to complement the University’s mandate for excellence in teaching and research. See

What is the College’s role regarding safety and environmental protection?

  • Pharmacy and Nutrition HSEMS – our College’s HSEMS was put in place in June 2009. 
  • College Site-specific Violence Prevention Plan – put in place in February 2009.
  • Pharmacy and Nutrition Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection Subcommittee – provides information and assistance to faculty, staff and students to ensure we have a safe and healthy environment.  (eg, regular HSEMS inspections of College facilities, appropriate HSE training courses taken).   We are also working to develop a culture of environmental responsibility.

For more information on College WSEP, please see: 

Annual Memo on Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection (PDF)
APPENDIX A Summary of Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection Information (PDF)
APPENDIX B WSEP Questions/Issues/Concerns – Who Can You Ask? (PDF)
APPENDIX C WSEP Checklist of Safety Permits and Training Requirements for Faculty, Staff and Students (PDF)
APPENDIX D WSEP Mandatory Information Posted in the College (PDF)
APPENDIX E HSEMS Chart of Responsibilities (PDF)
APPENDIX F Accidents or Illnesses Involving Students, Employees or Visitors – What Should You Do? (PDF)
APPENDIX G Travel Insurance Information (PDF)
APPENDIX H College of Pharmacy and Nutrition Violence Prevention Plan and Appendices (PDF)
APPENDIX I Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (PDF)