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The Philosophy in the Community
Lecture & Discussion Series
@ The Refinery

Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and the College of Arts and Science

Philosophy in the Community is a lecture and discussion series organized by the Philosophy Department at the University of Saskatchewan, with the support of the College of Arts and Science. It is in place as a public service, so that we may share the rewards and pleasures of philosophical reflection with the members of our community. Philosophical thinking, reading and analysis is part of the life well-lived.

This series is free, no registration is needed. No philosophical background is required; intellectual curiosity is. Coffee provided.

For more information, contact: emer.ohagan@usask.ca

Location: The Refinery

St. James Church Basement
609 Dufferin Avenue
(at 12th Street, just off Broadway)

Time:   7:00 – 9:00 PM
Dates:  Second Wednesday of each month,
September through December *

* In 2014, the Philosophy in the Community series will be abbreviated (it normally runs from September to April).

2014 Schedule

Sep. 10 "Self-Unity, Action and Identity"

Professor Emer O'Hagan

If a person is not united over time by an essential self, or a soul, then must we give up on thinking of ourselves as selves? Some have argued that selves are united over time by action. When we decide what to do we identify with a reason and create a sense of what we are like that continues into the future. On this view selves are pragmatically real and constructed. I will outline the arguments in favour of this view and then complicate matters by advancing some examples which seem to count as cases of self-constitution and involve identification, but do not involve action. I’ll suggest that the unifying force of identification is also present in cases of accurate self-recognition, when we come to see ourselves from a new perspective.

Oct. 08
Nov. 12 TBA

Professor Pierre-François Noppen
(St.Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan)

Dec. 10

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