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Philosophy in the Community: 2007-2008 Schedule

September 12 Meaning, Prejudice and Understanding: What is Hermeneutics?

Presenter: Professor Eric Dayton

Hermeneutics, the art of interpretation, comes from a Greek word related to Hermes, the messenger of the gods. But how can we understand Hermes' message? How do we interpret and understand others (the unknown speaker, our neighbour, ourselves?
October 10 Is Reality Subjective?

Professor David Crossley
November 14 "Hey, buddy! Your karma just ran over my dogma!"
Buddhist Views of Truth, Personhood, and Socially Responsible Action

Professor James Mullens,
Department of Religious Studies
December 12 Problems of the Will: Understanding Freedom

Professor Emer O’Hagan
January 9 Is the Self a Fiction?

Professor Rhonda Anderson
February 13 Love, Liberty, and Monogamy

Professor Sarah Hoffman
March 12 Justice and International Affairs

Professor Ria Jenkins


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